Stony Creek Brewery – Branford, CT

Tomorrow morning @ 5 am, my favorite event of my athletic season begins, the Ragnar Relay. It’s 2 days of hanging out with 12 friends in two vans as you take turns running from Nantasket Beach in Hull to the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. As a person who likes to pretend he’s in good shape, it’s the perfect combo of bullshitting with your friends, getting minimal sleep and still beating the hell out of your body, all in a van that starts smelling like ass after the first round of running. I know, you’re wondering how to sign up, right? It’s really a blast, I promise you. Check it out if you’re so inclined @ Ragnar Relay Cape Cod & as a treat here’s my running playlist (read: lots of Deftones and similar bands) on Spotify.

Lets journey back to Branford, where we caught Stony Creek Brewery in the midst of a day late Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Already being in Conencticut, I decided that after Thimble Island I could handle another brewery stop before heading back to Mass. I had seen a sign on the way down for Stony Creek (the geographic place, not the brewery) which made the little light bulb in my head go of and figured the brewery could be the next stop. So after a couple of exits on 95 and one asshole in a white pickup truck deciding to say fuck my left turn to almost hit us, we made our way to the brewery.

I had no idea that this brewery would be as big as it was.

Stony Creek hasn’t made a big mark in Mass yet (I’ve only had Cranky around here), so when we got to the building I was impressed. Apparently they are a pretty big deal and their spot is pretty awesome. Aside from the large brewery they have a big taproom on the first floor and a function room on the second floor, both with decks to enjoy your beer next to the water. Also, there was a big gravel yard with bocce, firepits and a tiki hut bar. All this room was good, since the they were doing a party for the launch of their La Garza Mexicali Lager (more on that later) and the place was packed out. Seriously, check out the digs (wish we had taken more pictures of the main room)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now as for the beer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As I said before, I’ve had the Cranky in the past and it wasn’t for me. Far too bitter for my taste. But one beer doesn’t make a brewery, so I tried a bunch of non-IPA’s and I’ll be damned if they weren’t tasty. Their DockTime Amber Lager was had a tiny bit of citrus to compliment the maltiness to make a very crushable beer. The Stony Joe Golden Mocha Stout was confusing, as it looks nothing like you’d expect it to taste. Gold in color, but tastes of chocolate and coffee in a sweeter and lighter stout. Another perplexing beer was the Sour Silhouette Sour Stout, the first time I’ve every been confronted with a dark roasted beer that has the sour tartness of cherries up front. It was odd but fantastic and definitely my favorite of the bunch. As for the La Garza, imagine if Corona was good and not made with corn syrup/cat piss. So, it was a solid new addition.


Stony Creek has an awesome set up and a lot of really interestingly tasty beers, be sure to stop in on your trips through 95.

Stony Creek Brewery can be found at 5 Indian Neck Ave, Branford, CT 06405 and @

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