January Sobriety Be Damned, It’s Our One Year Anniversary! Let’s Recap Some Things!

“You have 30 days to renew your domain”

Nothing like an email that you owe money to remind you that you’ve been punishing your liver in the name of hobby journalism for a whole year! Since I decided to spend January sober (I can hear all your boos already), obviously there hasn’t been much to post about. But rather than letting my already questionable writing ability get rusty, I’m going to run down the past year; giving you the facts, handing out some obviously super important superlatives and then filling you in on what to expect in the future for the Brew Guide!

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Stony Creek Brewery – Branford, CT

Tomorrow morning @ 5 am, my favorite event of my athletic season begins, the Ragnar Relay. It’s 2 days of hanging out with 12 friends in two vans as you take turns running from Nantasket Beach in Hull to the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. As a person who likes to pretend he’s in good shape, it’s the perfect combo of bullshitting with your friends, getting minimal sleep and still beating the hell out of your body, all in a van that starts smelling like ass after the first round of running. I know, you’re wondering how to sign up, right? It’s really a blast, I promise you. Check it out if you’re so inclined @ Ragnar Relay Cape Cod & as a treat here’s my running playlist (read: lots of Deftones and similar bands) on Spotify.

Lets journey back to Branford, where we caught Stony Creek Brewery in the midst of a day late Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

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Thimble Island Brewing Company – Branford, CT

You know, back in January when I had the brilliant idea to make a fun little beer blog, I never realized that it could actually turn into work. Why didn’t any of you other bloggers out there warn me!? I’m taking this back to just being more fun and less formal. No more schedule or format and a lot more cursing!

So let get straight fuckin’ to it, shall we!? I drove into Branford, CT and stopped into two spots this weekend. Lets start with Thimble Island Brewing!

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Beer’d Brewing Co. – Stonington, CT

So, we can officially call this Stella storm a bust, right? At least in my area, it snowed all day then got warm enough to rain and basically clear off the road. Shouldn’t complain though, as I was “working from home” I was able to catch up on the new season of Always Sunny. All I have to say is the waterpark one was the best, the Making a Murderer one was incredibly well done, and WTF Dennis!! I also fiddled with the site a bit too (woo Insta & FB widgets!). Super productive as you can see. It’s a good thing no one else seemed to want to do any work today either!

Today, we make one more stop in Connecticut to Beer’d Brewing, a place with a logo and name that a man with fantastic facial hair such as myself can truly appreciate.

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Two Roads Brewing Co. – Stratford, CT

Since the age of 21, I’ve had one itch that only a trip to Connecticut could scratch. You see, on occasion I’m burdened with an abundance of money with no means of which to relieve myself of. It’s times like that I take the journey down I-95 and donate it to one of the two Native American tribes in that area. I’m pretty philanthropic like that. Friday night, I took a trip to one of these establishments, one by the name of Foxwoods. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Thankfully with all that dirty, sinful cash now donated to a worthy cause, I can get to other business. Staying there also gave me my first opportunity to explore the state for another vice, beer! For my first Connecticut brewery, I went with one of the biggest and most well know.

So, lets talk about Two Roads Brewing!

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