Cape Cod Beer – Hyannis, MA

After a short hiatus due to events that weren’t brewery related, we’re back! I know you’ve all been eagerly waiting!

I’ve been off on “let use up PTO before I lose it” this week, so I searched out for a brewery that was open on a Tuesday. It’s pretty damn hard to find! Luckily, a little trip down the Cape and I found myself Cape Cod Beer, because on the Cape no one has to actually work the next day. Hooray for vacation destinations, amirite?! Now, let’s dive on in!

Just a couple of turns off RT. 6 is Cape Cod Beer, right in a little plaza that is very Cape. You get out of the car and rather than hops, grains or anything brewery related, the air smells of the homemade soap and/or candles from the stores next to it. That trend of being Cape-centric also continues walking into the brewery.

I think they asked the contractor “We need a warehouse, but want it to feel home-y on the outside”

When you enter, you start out in the store. It’s got all the beer they produce & all kinds of Cape Cod Beer swag, but it also has a small section of local food, candy, soap and knick knacks. It’s as if by law, you must be at least 20% “country store” if you run any business on the Cape.

To get yourself a taste of the Cape, you go into the nicely spaced backroom and go up to the bar. Now I’d love to show you this bar, but we here at Brew Guide still forget to take pictures of things. Some may say that’s not doing a good job, but we think of it more as being charmingly forgetful! So instead here’s the rest of the the room in which you get all your drinking done.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One day we’ll get the hang of this new fangled photography thing!

Cape Cod offers a 5 beer tasting for $5, a bargain at any rate, and especially on the “Are you kidding?” usual price gouging scale Cape Codders are familiar with. Naturally, with their being 2 of us, we were able to try 10 out of the 11 beers on tap, because obviously. They have many beers you’d expect in a “greatest hits”style line up, but out of the 10 my favorite were the Weizenbock, the IPA, and the Big Sea Saison. The saison was a good balance between citrusy and malty, a very good farmhouse ale and my overall top pick! Their IPA is uncharacteristically darker than most IPA’s, but also found it much smoother with less bitterness and hints of citrus. Finally the Weizenbock was a deliciously bready and banana flavored beer that has a nice little punch of booziness to it.

Pro Tip: Its a lot harder to flip the board over when you lose if it is a barrel.

Continuing with the Brew Guide promise, they have a create selection of games to choose from, including the above pictured barrel checkers, cornhole on the outside patio and a foosball table. I dominated in checkers and foosball, being the natural gamesman that I am.

So if you feel like taking a break from the beach this summer, or need something to drink while your there, make sure you stop by Cape Cod Beer!

Cape Cod Beer is located at 1336 Phinneys Ln Hyannis, MA 02601 and at

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