Thimble Island Brewing Company – Branford, CT

You know, back in January when I had the brilliant idea to make a fun little beer blog, I never realized that it could actually turn into work. Why didn’t any of you other bloggers out there warn me!? I’m taking this back to just being more fun and less formal. No more schedule or format and a lot more cursing!

So let get straight fuckin’ to it, shall we!? I drove into Branford, CT and stopped into two spots this weekend. Lets start with Thimble Island Brewing!

After another round of losing money at the old Native American reservation Friday night, we found our way down 95 on Saturday to Branford, because that’s a town I found out existed that day. A town which also contains 3 breweries, one of which I didn’t know about until today (thanks for all the help on Saturday Google!)

Just a couple of minutes from the highway, positioned in the middle of a familiar brewery haven (an industrial park), Thimble Island sits on a prime corner spot.

Welcome to the Himble Island Sting Room, because framing is important.

First thing you notice is they take really good advantage of the outdoor space, complete with an outdoor patio right in front and a whole bunch of picnic tables in the yard area to the side. When you walk in, there a bunch more space in the tasting room, with a good sized L shaped bar along with regular tables and the always popular barrel tables. Luckily we got there right in time for the 4 pm tour, which was pretty informative. We also got some fun people asking dumb questions like “how do you fill the can and seal that small hole up?”. Any way we got a bunch of pictures of the brewery during the tour, and I’m lazy. So here’s a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the tour, we grabbed our flights of beer and headed outside briefly, because a light breeze made it a bit too chilly for the cold blooded girl I have found myself dating. So we went inside, pulled up a nice barrel and played some Battleship and enjoyed the beers.


Thimble Island makes the hits, and they make them very well. If you are ever enjoyed a PBR, their Thimble Lager is a more flavorful upgrade to that. Their Coffee Stout had a solid coffee flavor thanks to a coffee bean infusion during the brewing process and was tasty, even more so with the vanilla variation. My favorite was their American Ale, which was surprising for a normally “basic” style. Think if Budweiser put attention or care into their product, and that’s what you get. A well balanced ale that’s perfectly crushable. While everyone else reaches for the next great hop bomb, it was nice to taste something so simple and refreshing.

One final note, if anyone at Thimble reads. Please fix the arcade games. Can’t play Cruisin’ USA when all the car wanted to do was turn left!

So stop on in to Thimble Island, and when you do,  pick up the nice little Groupon  they have and save yourself a couple of bucks! You’re welcome, cheapskates!

Thimble Island is located at 16 Business Park Dr, Branford, CT 06405 and at

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