Black Hat Brew Works – Bridgewater, MA

Saturday Night I hit up the Colosseum in Providence to check out Arcade Revival, a pop up old school arcade game set up that was going on all weekend that also happened to feature Revival Brewing. I recommend giving them a follow, that event was a bunch of fun, there was never a long wait for a game, and the people watching was fantastic. I believe I saw Jareth the Goblin King there, it was uncanny.

And that’s the last bit of RI I had. For the next two weeks,  I’m bringing it back home to Mass for 4 big features. There are now over 100 visitable breweries in the state according to Mass Brew Bros, so I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me.

So lets start super local for me, with Black Hat Brew Works.

Black Hat Brew Works exists right off of RT-104 in the Scotland Industrial Park in Bridgewater, MA. If you don’t know Bridgewater, it’s probably best known for being a college town or place of refuge for former Brockton residents that found a way to escape. To be honest, I’m not sure either demographic knows what a good beer is. I should know, I frequented the area bars in my early 20’s. It was all $4 Miller Lite pitchers in a funeral home turned college dive. But hey, at least there was bubble hockey! Luckily for me, and everyone else with a respectable taste in beer, Black Hat is now around to provide just what you need.

The taproom is a small room right at the front of the steel and brick building and consists of the bar and few high top tables with stools. No frills in the setup, but there were none needed. The beer did plenty of talking on its own. I got samples of the 5 beers they had on tap, one of which kicked while we were there. Got it right under the gun!

I really hope the fact the beers aren’t in order from dark to light bugs anyone with OCD.

B’water Blonde is a super easy drinking and subtly sweet ale. Their Saison is a great blend of fruit, hop and spice. My favorite of the bunch was the Q DIPA, which means that I’m really starting to sound like a liar when I try to say I’m not an IPA guy. Turns out I’m more of a particular IPA guy. This one follows my guidelines of being all hazy and juicy, and it’s great! I took a nice 32 oz. home before that one kicked too.

I’ll also throw in that the guys running the joint are great. We were bullshitting about beer & some upcoming things they have planned (like food truck pop in’s are on the way) the whole time. Also, they have a great taste in music with the old school metal.

All the good vibes here, so go grab yourself some brew!

Black Hat Brew Works can be found at 25 Scotland BLVD Unit 1
Bridgewater, MA 02324 or at

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