Barrel House Z – Weymouth, MA

Have you all caught the new trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming yet? I’m far too excited about Peter Parker finally being a part of the Marvel Universe. It’s about time, the last 3 Spidey movies that Sony put out stunk worse than a homeless mans taint. A top to bottom makeover was absolutely in order. Marvel is setting up for another great year, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok also dropping, I’m so ready to fanboy out this summer. Also, Netflix just released Iron Fist, and apparently a lot of online critics don’t seem to like it. I’m most of the way through and while it’s not as good as Daredevil or Luke Cage, I’ve been enjoying the ride. So if your normally into the Netflix shows, give it a watch. Don’t listen to the people online and their fair obvious biases as to why they dislike it.

Now that Bobby’s Marvel minute is over, lets take a look at Barrel House Z.

Although by name you may think it’s the latest Call of Duty map, Barrel House Z is a place gaining a lot of attention throughout New England for making some damn good beer. Not to spoil the rest of this write-up, but the hype is real and man, do they love them some barrels.

Barrels…..barrels everywhere.

One minute, you’re just rolling through an industrial park in Weymouth when suddenly, you notice a breadcrumb trail of barrels on the corner of the road guiding you to the entrance. Then, there are barrels by the door, barrel fencing around an outdoor patio, barrels as tables and decorations once you walk inside. If you go to the bathroom, not only is the sink in a barrel top, but the ceiling of the bathroom is rounded, to give the appearance as if you are inside of a barrel. There were less barrels thrown at Mario in Donkey Kong then exist in this building. All that being said, the taproom is really nice and the aesthetic works well. So, bravo!

This wall has not one, but two bungholes. And yes, I’m a child and still find that word funny.

I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of beers before and both made different posts, the Red Rye on Instagram and the Adeline on last weeks Flight Plan. So for this tasting I skipped those and went right to the new to me styles, although we did get a Jamaican Shandy, which is the Red Rye mixed with ginger beer. It was excellent. As for the beers, my top pick was the Townie strong Irish ale, which they age in a rum barrel for a month. Now, like me you may naturally think an Irish beer should soak in a whiskey barrel (you know, because Irish), but you would be mistaken. This beer is so malty and smooth you might melt into your chair. It’s that good. The Keep Calm is a great lighter beer with a bunch of citrus and a pinch of hop bitterness. Quaker State is a strong oatmeal stout with a the usual maltiness but is back loaded with a kick from the bourbon barrel soaking. Legitimately, every beer was outstanding.


Go to Barrel House Z and try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. And check out their website often, since the tap list is always changing.

Barrel House Z can be found at 95 Woodrock Rd. Weymouth, MA 02189 and at

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