Ravenous Brewing Co. – Woonsocket, RI

A national crisis was finally solved this weekend as Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey has been returned! While the video is incredible, just showing how ballsy the thief was, the more interesting thing was that it had before two years earlier and Tom didn’t seem to even care! It’s like Tom was the hot girl in high school and the jersey was me, the jersey being as equally sweaty and dirty. I’m glad he got them back though, since he said something good will come from it. Maybe he’ll auction it for charity, and if he does, The N.E. Brew Guide Foundation will gladly accept the funding.

And here we are, another trip to Rhody for your Wednesday guide.

Located on RT 122 in Woonsocket is Ravenous Brewing Company, although it’s kind of hard to locate from the road. It’s housed in a brick building where your two options are getting your 18 wheeler fixed or enjoying a great beer. It’s the perfect spot for Optimus Prime, a well-known craft beer lover, but it’s also fantastic for the non-Transformer. You walk along the side facing the lumber store next door to enter the taproom.

The taproom is on the small side, mostly consisting of a large a large granite table, a couple of high top tables and the bar. It’s a nice simple layout. More importantly, everyone there was great. The guys who run the place and the customers alike, it was a fun hang. And for those who are into it, they don’t mind if you bring a dog. It was a big selling point for the lady.

A short lull in her being the life of the party. 

Now cool vibes can only take a place so far, luckily the beer delivers as well. The IPA on tap (the only one my dumb ass can’t remember the name of) was nice and hoppy without being overly bitter. The Buried In Chocolate stout was true to name with all the malty and chocolately goodness. Coffee Milk Stout had strong roast more akin to Starbucks but it was a tasty change from the more subtle coffee stouts. The winner of the day was definitely the Rhode Ireland Ale that’s one of the more deliciously smooth red ales I’ve ever tried. I even let the guy “talk me into” taking a growler home of it. Turns out my leg can be twisted as well as Stretch Armstrong’s.

Flight paddle that could also double as a gas station bathroom key ring.

So whether you’re the roving beer blogger, the adventurous older couple, the suit and tie folks or the bachelorette party (shout out to the RI Brew Bus, looks like they were having a blast), Ravenous had the brews and the vibes for anyone to have a good time.

Ravenous Brewing Company can be located at 840 Cumberland Hill Rd #10, Woonsocket, RI 02895 and at http://www.ravenousbrew.com/

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