Moby Dick Brewing Co. – New Bedford, MA

Good day for the ol’ Brew Guide today, as we finally hit 1,000 followers on Instagram! As a token of my appreciation for all the love and support I’ve received, I plan on running a 1k giveaway starting next Monday! Why not just start it now, you ask? I’m going to try to curate some excellent hard to find brew, and that takes the extra mile. As a hint, there will be some recent purchases from Trillium included, which you may have seen a post about. I’ll also drop hints on my Instagram story once everything has been acquired. So if you don’t already, make sure you’re following @nebrewguide on Insta and you might get hooked up!

Now let’s head to the whaling hub of Massachusetts, with Moby Dick Brewing in New Bedford!

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I grew up in Brockton, which is a mere 45ish minutes away from New Bedford. Fun story: growing up I’d commonly hear  “Well, at least we’re not as bad as New Bedford!” when referring to my god awful hometown. (For the record, Fall River substituted for New Bedford on occasion as well). While the debate of which town is worse may still rage on at home, I’ve now been enlightened. As it turns out, being near the water immediately makes a city better. Must be all the salt in the air. Could also be the lack of cars crashing into buildings at an epidemic level. But it definitely helps that there are also two breweries in the very pleasant waterfront area.

Love visiting places during off hours. More room for me!

Moby Dick Brewing is a fairly new brewpub on the cobblestoned streets in downtown New Bedford. You would think they were veterans though looking at the setup. Nice long bar, whole lot of tables, real comfortable seating, nautical/earth toned decor; it’s a really appealing atmosphere.

Exposed lighting: now standard in all new brewery models.

With 8 beers on tap, and flights coming in 4’s, it’s fairly obvious the only option is 2 flights. 4th grade math is definitely one of my stronger points. The variety presented would qualify Moby Dick as a “greatest hits” brewery. They have all the styles of beer you want, and do them all very well. Their Tumbling Caprice raspberry blonde ale was the most distinctive, a tasty fruit forward beer made with “over two hundred pounds” of raspberries. It’s light, sweet and refreshing; a really good summer seasonal. The Quick Eternity IPA is a west cost style IPA that doesn’t provide the usual hop bitterness that they are known for. A great take on style I’m usually not a that big a fan of. Brown ales, on the other hand, are one of my favorite styles and their Daggoo’s Virtue brown ale is excellent. All the toffee and chocolate flavors come through nicely with just a touch of hop to make one truly solid ale.


We not only enjoyed the beer Sunday night, we also had ourselves some dinner; because an iced tea and “Wake Up” wrap apparently don’t provide enough nutritional value for a days worth of activity. The hangriness was real. Luckily, Moby Dick met my needs with a damn good Nashville hot chicken sandwich. If you’re down with spiciness, I fully endorse this menu item.

Next time you find yourself in the area, go give Moby Dick Brewing a shot. You’ll have a whale of a time. (I’ll see myself out, thanks.)

Moby Dick Brewing Co. can be found at 16 S. Water Street New Bedford, MA 02740 and at

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