Treehouse Brewing Co. – Charlton, MA

So, in a rare turn of events, I took a weekday trip! And here I thought this would be a light month. Hooray for keeping those expectations low and delivering anyway!

Now a place that needs zero introduction…

Time for another round of “How Have You Never Heard Of _________?”, where I inform those of you who have been living in a cave with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears about breweries everyone else knows about. After a successful couple of rounds with Trillium & Night Shift Brewing, we take on Treehouse Brewing.

Treehouse is like the DJ Khaled of beer; they’re forever at the top of the charts (Beer Advocate rankings) and you hear their name shouted all the time. They’ve only been around for almost 6 years, but have made a huge impression, so much so that they are newly situated in a massive new brewery space right off of RT. 20. It puts the old Monson brewery space to shame. Seriously, look at this gorgeous place…

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The place is tremendous. The landscaping is beautiful, the interior looks like a luxury ski lodge and that outdoor space is downright magnificent. If there were no line to get beer and pours were available at all times, this place would be perfect. Being in the line did provide us with a little factoid though; the building frame inside the brewery is essentially a for scale model of the original Treehouse Brewery. The More You Know! Also, thanks to the bearded employee who filled us in, shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who that was.

Normally I’d tell you which beers to get, but you really can’t go wrong and usually you don’t have much to choose from. I’d go with Haze or Alter Ego based on the 6-7 I’ve tried so far, if available. Both are fantastically juicy and minimally bitter IPA’s. Right in my wheelhouse.

I’m really not a person who likes to wait in line for beer, and I’d rather discover a less hyped brewery than ride the train, but I think everyone should check this place out at least once. Whatever recipes they sold their souls to Satan are clearly worth it.

Treehouse Brewing is newly located @ 129 Sturbridge Rd, Charlton, MA 01507 and at

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