Night Shift Brewing – Everett, MA

August is going to be very busy, unfortunately not really in the brewery hopping sense. Some people happen to be getting married and are really putting a damper on the ol’ Brew Guide travels. But, towards the of the month, you’ll be getting a bunch of new spots as I head up north for a whole week. I know I’ll at least be hitting Tuckermans (and might actually take enough pictures to post about it this time) and be revisiting Woodstock Inn, but I need more suggestions! If it’s an hour(ish) away from Conway, NH I’ll take the drive. Post in the comments or shoot me an email (!

Speaking of finally visiting places and taking enough pictures (barely), I spent some time at Night Shift on Saturday…let’s talk about it!

Night Shift to me has always been a known commodity. If you’re into local craft beer in New England, you’ve most likely drank something with an owl on the can. Or at least that’s what I thought; there’s been a few times recently where someone has told me that they had never heard of it. I was more shocked by that then if Connor McGregor were to actually beat Mayweather. So this is for you folks, the ones that are terribly behind on your local craft knowledge. School is officially in session.

Forever busy.

First thing you may notice upon arriving at Night Shift is the line to get in, especially if it’s the weekend. This line is due to people already knowing what you’re about to find out, there’s some fantastic beer inside. Luckily, there is a good amount of room to spread out between the main taproom, the annex taproom off to the side, and the outdoor patio area. If I’m to provide you with any hot tip, the annex bar tends to be less busy than the main room. Once you get in, just head over that way. You’re welcome.

If you’re looking to get quick beers, go to this bar!

Once you get your beer(s), you’ll need a place to put it down (maybe, if it lasts that long). Even with the big crowds, this is usually not a problem. If you happen to get a flight, your arm won’t go numb having to hold it the whole time, which is a nice perk.

Gotta try a little of everything.

As for the beer, there’s so much to choose from. I’m a fan of the One Hop This Time series of IPA’s. If you’re not one that easily can differentiate the flavors between the varieties of hops, these brews are the tastiest way to learn. The newest, Eureka, might be one of my favorites, with hints of pineapple and a pleasant subdued bitterness. They also do a series of Weisse bottles, which I have featured on Instagram before. Their newest edition, Guava Weisse, is fantastic. It has the perfect amount of sour and sweet. My favorite beer is still probably El Lechedor, a down right excellent bourbon barrel aged milk stout made with cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and poblano peppers. For all the talk about the IPA’s they get, this one should get equal praise. So. Damn. Good.

Yea, we may have stayed a couple hours…

So now that I’ve given you all the tools you need, go pay Night Shift a visit already!

Class dismissed.

Night Shift Brewing can be found at 87 Santilli Hwy, Everett, MA 02149 and @

3 thoughts on “Night Shift Brewing – Everett, MA

  1. I was lucky enough to buy two cases of their stuff when I was home…in NY of all places. Never see it here in Burlington! It’s so good. Wish I could always pick some up.


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