Foundation Brewing Company – Portland, ME

Another day, another Portland brewery! I hit 5 breweries on this trip, and I’m pretty sure that was still under half of them. If anyone wants to sponsor a whole weeks trip up there, please let me know. I need to do it a some point just to keep my journalistic integrity. I think I have some of that, right?

Anywho, lets walk across the street from Allagash to the first of 3 breweries @ 1 Industrial Way, Foundation Brewing Company.

Apparently, 1 Industrial Way is the place to be if you’re an up and coming brewery. The original home for Maine Beer Company, Rising Tide, and Bissell Brothers is now home to Foundation, Austin Street Brewing, and Battery Steele Brewing. By virtue of being the only of the three that faces the street (and also the biggest), Foundation becomes the first stop for many.

Small breweries take note, the parking lot patio is the way to go.

Spanning the majority of the front of the building, Foundation has maximized their one room of space very well, with a large bar that’s stuffed with seating and using up any available outdoor space with picnic tables and a couple of cornhole sets. The style of the taproom, for some reason, came of as slightly Scandinavian. Like, if this place were attached to an IKEA, you wouldn’t bat an eye. Might be the colorful geometric patterns or the European dance music that was being played. Either way, I enjoyed it. It was a nice change from what I’m used to seeing. And there’s some board games and pinball! Can’t go wrong with that.

Shout out to the guy in the Charlie Kelly horse shirt on the far right.

We grabbed our sampling of beers and found the one available spot along the wall to hunker down in. Damn all that nice weather on Sunday bringing everyone out! We tried five out of the eight on tap, and I was very impressed with all of them. The first pick in my top three for was the Sergeant Stubby, which supposedly comes in at 80 IBU’s but you would never guess that. The dark malt body softens the blow of the hops and makes for a very tasty beer that was made in support of the Black Ale Project and who doesn’t enjoy drinking for a good cause! Continuing along the dark side, I really enjoyed the Burnside brown ale that is just right on the maltiness and toffee-ish sweetness. It’s high on the drinkability scale, since its goes down so smooth. My favorite overall had to be the Afterglow IPA. It has hints of citrus and berry up front that makes way for the slight pine hoppiness that never becomes overly bitter, which is the best kind of IPA.

Can’t lie, it was a great line up.

Now, I have heard since leaving that I fucked up by not trying the Epiphany IPA, but I think of it as more something to look forward to next time. Foundation is certainly a place I plan to stop into again.

Foundation Brewing Company is located at 1 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103 and at

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