Allagash Brewing Company – Portland, ME

Holy Hell. Memorial Day weekend is in the books and I’ve got a tank full of new spots to give you the low down on!

Did you know that Portland is essentially just one large brewery? I’m amazed anyone can stay sober in that city. Best part is, I couldn’t have gotten a Bud Light even if I tried! Can’t remember a single tap being anything but craft beer. What a great place.

We start our 24 hours of brew at Allagash, one of Maine’s most widely known breweries. Even if you’ve just been dipping your toe into craft beer, you’ve seen and most likely enjoyed an Allagash White; it’s definitely a featured member of the “New England Craft Beer Starter Pack” for sure. Needless to say, I was excited to stop in.

If they replaced Stop signs with this, nothing would change.

The setup for Allagash is fantastic. They’ve got a very big outdoor area with a covered and uncovered side, both of which have plenty of room to sit your both your flight & ass down. If you’re afraid of any UV rays hitting your skin, you can wander on inside since there’s plenty of space in there too. There’s a bar in both areas, so you won’t have to walk far to get your drinks. If you you need a bite to eat, there was a Streamline food truck, but we stopped for lunch on the way so I didn’t end up checking that out. Shout out to Good Life Market in Raymond, damn good prosciutto panini.

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Allagash does something really interesting. As you’re getting carded coming in, they give you a wood token good for a free flight of the 4 beers on tap. It sounds great, but that’s not the interesting thing. What’s interesting is you can’t purchase any more beer once you are there, unless it’s to take home. While the limitations weren’t an issue for me, since I was going to be walking across the street to 3 other breweries, but I would understand if a big Allagash fan were disappointed.

Do try and pull an Oliver Twist, you only get one!

Since there are only four beers, I’ll give you a quick rundown of each. First is the House Beer, a light hopped and smoothly malted beer making for a nice clean and tasty beer. Little Brett smells…interesting. If you can get past the aroma, it doesn’t taste bad, but that smell is tough. On the other hand, Golden Brett was quite enjoyable. It’s got a good breadiness to go along with the light citrus notes. Finally, Interlude is a really good saison taking every bit of pear and cracker taste and finishing in a surprisingly refreshing way considering the high ABV. Interlude was definitely my favorite.

Allagash makes quality beers, and it shows in the product and their set up. It’s worth it to stop in and give the rare/brewery exclusive beers a shot. Next time I’ll plan ahead a little better and book a tour.

Allagash Brewing Co. is located at 50 Industrial Way Portland, Maine 04103 and at

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