Battery Steele Brewing/ Austin Street Brewery – Portland, ME

Today we wrap up the Industrial Way series with not one, but two breweries in one post. The reason for this unprecedented occasion? A) Neither one is particular big, so the taproom description isn’t going to be much and B) after 2 other breweries, picture taking took a drastic turn downward. The A.D.D. of “I should probably take a….Oooo, a DDH IPA!” was real. You know how that goes!

So let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into part three of the Maine Memorial Day saga!

Battery Steele

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know this brewery existed. As I walked around the back of 1 Industrial Way, I was fully expecting to just walk into Austin Street and have that be the end of this excursion, but as we walked by the patio outside and the few tables inside right up to the bar, we finally noticed the different logo on the sample glasses and merch. If we had paid attention, we may have noticed signage outside, but I was fine with the surprise of it.


An even bigger surprise was the beer. There’s only 4 on tap, and I was a big fan of all of them! Kineo DDH IPA is a straight up fantastic IPA, with pineapple, citrus and hints of melon flavors all blended nicely with the hop pineiness and malt with little bitterness on the back end. Their Flume DIPA follows closely with more overall citrus and a crisp and refreshing finish. Knox Bière de Garde has a subtle hop to it to go along with a caramel maltiness that was very tasty. Finishing off the 4 is the Telos Stout, that was toasty and sweet with a little bit of vanilla flavor in addition to the usual coffee and chocolate. Overall I’m wicked impressed with Battery Steele, they provided the best overall beers on that block, and that’s saying something!

Austin Street Brewery

The last stop on the 1 Industrial Way tour is Austin Street Brewery, a place I was aware of but still knew very little about. You wander into the taproom into a slightly wider than a hallway that is home to a couple of tables and a large window to order your beer. Austin Street definitely benefits the most from the good weather, with the patio likely doubling the room for activities!

Austin Street has a nice little “To-Go” window. (pictured to the left)

Much like the limited space, they also had the most limited beer list of 1 Industrial at 3. That was no matter, 3 quality beers are always better than a whole bunch of average swill! Their Patina pale ale stretches just how hoppy a pale ale should be, but not in a bad way. It works well, balanced with the malt and comes off fruity and crisp. Succinct German Schwarzbier is essentially a porter with a lighter body and a more subtle roast that was really good and a great summer alternative for people (like myself) that keep the majority to their porter drinking to the cooler months. Finally, the Rally is a rare sessionable IPA with citrus and pineapple notes that is all kinds of crushable.

I can’t say this enough, if you are a craft brew fan, you need brew hop 1 Industrial Way. With Foundation, Battery Steele & Austin Street, you really can’t go wrong. Get your asses there ASAP.

Both breweries can (of course) be found at 1 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103. Battery Steele is on the net @ ; Austin Street is @

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