Two Roads Brewing Co. – Stratford, CT

Since the age of 21, I’ve had one itch that only a trip to Connecticut could scratch. You see, on occasion I’m burdened with an abundance of money with no means of which to relieve myself of. It’s times like that I take the journey down I-95 and donate it to one of the two Native American tribes in that area. I’m pretty philanthropic like that. Friday night, I took a trip to one of these establishments, one by the name of Foxwoods. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Thankfully with all that dirty, sinful cash now donated to a worthy cause, I can get to other business. Staying there also gave me my first opportunity to explore the state for another vice, beer! For my first Connecticut brewery, I went with one of the biggest and most well know.

So, lets talk about Two Roads Brewing!

About 30 seconds off of exit 31 on I-95 sits a large old metal parts factory building that now houses the 20+ tank facility that is Two Roads Brewing.

View as you drive in. (Eager lushes waiting for Noon not shown)

You enter the building and directly head upstairs to what is the large taproom, which has a good-sized oval bar and store to the left and a seating area and growler fill area to the right. The whole interior wall is glass, giving you a great view of the brewery floor.

A Good Long View of The Taproom a.k.a. View After leaving the bathroom.

Since we got there right as it opened at noon (you know, like true degenerates) we were able to get a nice flight in at the bar before our tour at 1. Tours run you $5, last an hour and give you a whole bunch of knowledge about the history of Two Roads and the process of brewing. It also gets you 5 samples of their year round selections and 10% off at the store. I highly recommend you do it if you have the time.

As far as the beer goes, there wasn’t a single beer that I tried that I wouldn’t drink again, and I tried a lot of them. I think that speaks a lot of their quality and attention to detail where my top 3 are different styles, and not one of them a stout or porter for once (although Espressway Coffee Stout is close)!

The finger on the paddle conveniently points toward the bathroom, which is super handy.

First pick is their collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing, Geyser GoseThe sour ale is light in color but full of flavor. It’s as crisp and refreshing as a sour can get and very delicious. Second I’ll give it to the Road Jam raspberry wheat. For those of you out there that like the shandy style, this is your beer. It’s subtly sweet raspberry is backed by a lemongrass flavor and aroma that balances everything off really well. This is one you’ll want for you next cookout for sure. But my favorite of all was the Two Juicy New England style IPA. I’ll say it over and over, I’m not an IPA guy. This New England style of IPA is really making consider otherwise though. Two Juicy is very accurate that it begins all citrusy and fruity, hits you with a bit of pineiness from the hop but finishes smooth rather than bitter. It’s so damn good that it’s in close competition with my other favorite IPA, one Two Roads actually contract brews, Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine.

Bottom Line, Two Roads clearly knows what they are doing. They brew great beers and have enough styles that anyone will enjoy them. Go check them out!

Two Roads Brewing Co. is located at 1700 Stratford Ave Stratford, CT 06615 and at

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