Beer’d Brewing Co. – Stonington, CT

So, we can officially call this Stella storm a bust, right? At least in my area, it snowed all day then got warm enough to rain and basically clear off the road. Shouldn’t complain though, as I was “working from home” I was able to catch up on the new season of Always Sunny. All I have to say is the waterpark one was the best, the Making a Murderer one was incredibly well done, and WTF Dennis!! I also fiddled with the site a bit too (woo Insta & FB widgets!). Super productive as you can see. It’s a good thing no one else seemed to want to do any work today either!

Today, we make one more stop in Connecticut to Beer’d Brewing, a place with a logo and name that a man with fantastic facial hair such as myself can truly appreciate.

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Two Roads Brewing Co. – Stratford, CT

Since the age of 21, I’ve had one itch that only a trip to Connecticut could scratch. You see, on occasion I’m burdened with an abundance of money with no means of which to relieve myself of. It’s times like that I take the journey down I-95 and donate it to one of the two Native American tribes in that area. I’m pretty philanthropic like that. Friday night, I took a trip to one of these establishments, one by the name of Foxwoods. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Thankfully with all that dirty, sinful cash now donated to a worthy cause, I can get to other business. Staying there also gave me my first opportunity to explore the state for another vice, beer! For my first Connecticut brewery, I went with one of the biggest and most well know.

So, lets talk about Two Roads Brewing!

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