Beer’d Brewing Co. – Stonington, CT

So, we can officially call this Stella storm a bust, right? At least in my area, it snowed all day then got warm enough to rain and basically clear off the road. Shouldn’t complain though, as I was “working from home” I was able to catch up on the new season of Always Sunny. All I have to say is the waterpark one was the best, the Making a Murderer one was incredibly well done, and WTF Dennis!! I also fiddled with the site a bit too (woo Insta & FB widgets!). Super productive as you can see. It’s a good thing no one else seemed to want to do any work today either!

Today, we make one more stop in Connecticut to Beer’d Brewing, a place with a logo and name that a man with fantastic facial hair such as myself can truly appreciate.

Beer’d takes up a section the reclaimed Velvet Mill artist collective in what is an otherwise residential area on Stonington. Walking into the brick building, you will enter a large room with off-shooting halls that lead you to various artistic ventures, but this being me, the only art I cared to see was the doodling on the chalkboard beer menu. Luckily, we eventually found an easel with a map of the building to show us the way to Beer’d, basically diagonal to the back right from the entrance. The taproom was on the small side and pretty busy but we had no problem finding a spot at the bar side, as they smartly split the bar into growlers and cans on one side and pours on the other to cut traffic. There were a few high tops to sit or stand at, but as we got there an hour before close, we stayed at the bar to maximize sampling.

Don’t be alarmed by the lack of beer behind this door, you only have to go a little further. Don’t get lazy now!

The girl behind the bar offered to give us a small (maybe 2-3oz.) sample of each of the 5 beers on tap. First thing you notice is Beer’d loves them some hops. All 5 samples range in the medium to high hop range, so I’ll immediately air the usual warning, the super hopped normally aren’t my forte. That being said, I still appreciated a lot of what they have created. I enjoyed the Dogs & Boats Imperial IPA, which was malty and citrusy with a subdued hop bitterness. I also dug Rind blonde ale, which while a hoppier blonde also provide a subtle melon flavor. My favorite of the bunch was the Whisker’d Wit, a very solid wheat beer with a bite of orange zest that finishes crisp and dry. It was really the bee knees, if I do say so. I’m bummed they didn’t have the Midnight Oil stout, I hope that’s on tap next time I’m in the area, it sounds right up my alley.

5 taps makes for a quick turnaround and makes you come back and try all the others. I smell a ruse Beer’d!

Bottom line for Beer’d Brewing, if you fancy yourself as a hop person, you’ll love this place. That said, their beers are pretty damn good and very much worthy of guzzling down regardless.

Beer’d Brewing Co. is located at 22 Bayview Ave #15 Stonington, CT 06378 or at

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