Citizen Cider – Burlington, VT

There’s a weekly write-up I do, perhaps you’ve read, called “What’s Going Down This Week“. It has news, events, beer releases, food trucks, and what’s in Brew Guide’s future! I recommend you check it out if you haven’t, it’s updated every Wednesday and gives you fun shit to do and a way to stalk me..if you’re so inclined.

And finally we get another long-awaited cider entry! Let’s get to the core of Citizen Cider! (I’ll see myself out…)

After all the beer consumed on the Burlington trip, I needed a break. Luckily that didn’t mean I had to do something silly like not drink, just had to switch things up. Citizen Cider gave us the perfect opportunity to do so.

Citizen Cider is ready for high tide at any time.

Although it’s not really near the water, Citizen’s taproom looks like it would fit right in dockside. The second floor taproom is wide open with all wood features and an easily accessible covered deck area. There’s plenty of room to saddle up and enjoy their beverages. Getting there around lunch on a Thursday also didn’t hurt our chances of sitting right at the bar, I guess no one in Burlington enjoys a “liquid lunch”. It was also nice to see they had a couple of guest taps for some local beer and a pretty good-looking menu. Had breakfast not been so filling (3 hours later even), we probably would have tested that out as well.

There is something great that happens at times when the bar isn’t busy at any craft place, and it occurred here. The bartender asked preferences and guided us to which ciders we may like the most. He was definitely well versed in the product and knew his stuff on top of being super friendly. It’s always nice to have a brewery sherpa.

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With only knowing the Unified Press, their quite tasty flagship cider, I was interested to see what else they conjure up. I’m going to confess now, if you enjoy a dry cider, I’m probably not the guy to follow. I like my ciders like I like my IPA’s, cloudy and juicy. Their newest release is already one of their best. Companion cider is slightly dry, but gets most of its crispness from the tart cherry juice it contains. Next would be the Citra Honey, a taproom exclusive batch that blends local honey and Citra hops to make a cider that bends the rules a little to make a really great brew. My favorite cider, which swings right up my alley, is The Dirty Mayor. It’s sweet with a touch of lemon and a whole bunch of ginger. It may not be hazy, but I’ll be damned it isn’t right up there in my top ciders I’ve ever had.

Yea, it was a hot walk…we needed a couple sips of water too!

Cider isn’t my go to, but I find myself drinking it more and more during the summer. If I keep finding places like Citizens Cider, this might be a continuing trend.

Citizen Cider can be located at 316 Pine St #114, Burlington, VT 05401 and @

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