Burlington Beer Company – Williston, VT

There’s still a whole bunch of Vermont left on the docket. Clearly I’m not still up there, but there’s still plenty of great beer you all should know about! I must keep you drunkards informed!

On to Burlington Beer!

Don’t get too confused, Burlington Beer Co. isn’t actually in Burlington. Instead it’s just east of the city in Williston, found nestled in an industrial area much like a good number of fellow craft brewers. It’s a good thing all these other industries in America collapsed, otherwise there may not be any space for all these delicious beers to be brewed! Amirite folks?

I hate it when nature gets in the way of a good picture!

Anywho, the taproom for BB co. takes a small portion of the front corner of the brewery, featuring the usual bar top,  a couch and a few tables. It’s a good amount of seating for a smallish area. Other than the usual taproom furniture, they do have two very unique assets.

The first is their artwork, which adorns the walls, their cans, their merch…basically everything they produce. The flowing, chunky and mostly symmetrical line work is strange yet oddly eye pleasing. I dig the hell out of it. The second is that along with the normal assortment of board games, THEY HAVE 2 NES CLASSIC SYSTEMS! You better believe I got down on some of that.

Here we see a beer blogger in his natural habitat…

Along with the taproom, the beer itself was just as great. Future Glow, their dry hopped table beer came in slightly bitter up front due to the dry hop, but rolls into a kind of earthy flavor that than makes way to tropical fruit hints and finishes crisp. Tasty and crushable for sure. The Amber Ridge brown ale was nutty and smooth, with prominent vanilla flavor and touches of chocolate and tobacco. A finish of booziness caps a very well done brown ale. The beer that I brought home more of was I See The Vision IPA with Prickly Pear & Passion Fruit. Vision apparently has had several incantations, and the Prickly Pear/Passion Fruit one is the newest of the bunch. It’s a real complex taste, throwing passion fruit, grapefruit, lemon, lime and a pepper spiciness on the body of a nicely hopped IPA. It’s both sweet and bitter, and one hell of a tasty brew.

A simple line of Sharpie can be a real downer.

This place definitely gets the BrewGuide stamp of approval. Get over there and enjoy some old school gaming, cool art, and delicious beers.

Burlington Beer Co. can be found at 25 Omega Dr #150, Williston, VT 05495 and @ http://burlingtonbeercompany.com/

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