Foam Brewers – Burlington, VT

After having a late breakfast in Burlington last week, we spent some time exploring the waterfront. I’d like to say it was for exercise, but it was mostly because it was still 20-ish minutes before Foam Brewing was going to be open. While there we took a peek at the A_Dog Skatepark, which was hosting a kids skate camp. I bring this up because I heard a statement from a 10-13 year old kid at this park that surprised me, (I assume in reference to a new board) “I found it for cheaper online, but you got to support the local store.” Burlington is for sure a strange city, but there is definitely some things they do right up there.

Beer is definitely another one of those things and Foam Brewers is a big part of that.

Foam Brewers is a place I had heard a good deal of praise about; especially for a brewery that’s pretty new in the game. I’m here to tell you, that praise doesn’t come unwarranted.


Ideally situated directly across from Waterfront Park, (which in case you couldn’t have guessed is right on the water) the brewery easily has some of the best scenery and atmosphere around.  Inside the brewery isn’t too shabby either.

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The inside is a good mixture of wood and steel, all accenting the brick building it calls home creating a nice blend of rustic and modern. Oh no, after that description I should really stop watching HGTV so much. It’s really a great set up though, I particularly enjoyed the amoeba-like light up blobs in the bar. Really cool touch.

The majority of our time was spent outside on the patio, though. The gated in gravelled area has its own outdoor bar (which wasn’t open because…too early) many umbrella’d patio tables and a couple of outdoor couches. There were signs of speakers, which would mean there’s a potential for music outside, but I assume much like the patio bar its reserved for when those pesky neighbors go home in the evening. It was the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful day while we sipped.

With no flights available we got ourselves a couple of half pours to try out. I was very impressed with all four of the beers. If we didn’t have more breweries to attend, I absolutely would have tested the menu more.  I’ll start with the Roselle, which their menu classifies as “other”, but feels and drinks saison. It’s unique in flavor, thanks to hibiscus flowers that give it a floral taste with a crisp lime finish. It’s quite tasty and refreshing. Pavement is a medium bodied DIPA that clearly has a heavy hop hand but manages to wrangle them all in to finish sweet with passion fruit and citrus. Just barely topping that to take the top spot was the Galaxie 500 DIPA. Galaxie is nicely malted DIPA that’s also a juicy treat; with notes of pineapple, grapefruit and peach all showing up before a final touch of pineiness.

I made one mistake that day, and it was walking there. When I go there again I’ll definitely drive, because I’ll be bringing my cooler and taking some home for sure.

Foam Brewers can be found at 112 Lake St, Burlington, VT 05401 and @

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