Allagash Brewing Company – Portland, ME

Holy Hell. Memorial Day weekend is in the books and I’ve got a tank full of new spots to give you the low down on!

Did you know that Portland is essentially just one large brewery? I’m amazed anyone can stay sober in that city. Best part is, I couldn’t have gotten a Bud Light even if I tried! Can’t remember a single tap being anything but craft beer. What a great place.

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Cape Cod Beer – Hyannis, MA

After a short hiatus due to events that weren’t brewery related, we’re back! I know you’ve all been eagerly waiting!

I’ve been off on “let use up PTO before I lose it” this week, so I searched out for a brewery that was open on a Tuesday. It’s pretty damn hard to find! Luckily, a little trip down the Cape and I found myself Cape Cod Beer, because on the Cape no one has to actually work the next day. Hooray for vacation destinations, amirite?! Now, let’s dive on in!

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Stony Creek Brewery – Branford, CT

Tomorrow morning @ 5 am, my favorite event of my athletic season begins, the Ragnar Relay. It’s 2 days of hanging out with 12 friends in two vans as you take turns running from Nantasket Beach in Hull to the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. As a person who likes to pretend he’s in good shape, it’s the perfect combo of bullshitting with your friends, getting minimal sleep and still beating the hell out of your body, all in a van that starts smelling like ass after the first round of running. I know, you’re wondering how to sign up, right? It’s really a blast, I promise you. Check it out if you’re so inclined @ Ragnar Relay Cape Cod & as a treat here’s my running playlist (read: lots of Deftones and similar bands) on Spotify.

Lets journey back to Branford, where we caught Stony Creek Brewery in the midst of a day late Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

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Proclamation Ale Company – West Kingston, RI

Tonight’s the NFL draft and the Patriot’s currently have no picks until Saturday. We don’t have to really care about the draft at all for two days but I will say, the best part of the draft is watching that one presumed high 1st round draft pick slide into the 2nd. Especially if he went they are at the draft. Nothing is more sad/amusing to me than the sit through the whole first round, have to come back for a second day in a much emptier waiting room and after all that, have to play for the Jets. Looking at you Geno Smith. Now that’s drama worth watching!

After stuffing our faceholes full of donuts over at Whalers on Sunday, we decided to make a day of it and see what else was in the area (After all, donuts are always a nice way to set the foundation for some day drinking.). So, we took a nice 15 minute drive over to Proclamation to see what’s up over there.

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