Foam Brewers – Burlington, VT

After having a late breakfast in Burlington last week, we spent some time exploringĀ the waterfront. I’d like to say it was for exercise, but it was mostly because it was still 20-ish minutes before Foam Brewing was going to be open. While there we took a peek at the A_Dog Skatepark, which was hosting a kids skate camp. I bring this up because I heard a statement from a 10-13 year old kid at this park that surprised me, (I assume in reference to a new board) “I found it for cheaper online, but you got to support the local store.”Ā Burlington is for sure a strange city, but there is definitely some things they do right up there.

Beer is definitely another one of those things and Foam Brewers is a big part of that.

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Alchemist Brewery – Stowe, VT

We’ve done it! It only took 5-ish months, but through sheer determination, will power and a fair share of morning after headaches, we finally get to check off all 5 New England states! This week will be a heaping helping of Vermont for you, starting with one of the regions most popular, Alchemist!

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