River Roost Brewery – White River Junction, VT

New year, new guide! Hopefully you’re all worn out on sports and done reading about how the Patriots blew it (my take: Belichick’s stubborn fault), so lets talk about beer!

I stopped into River Roost Brewery in VT on my way home from a miserably cold obstacle race Saturday. Let’s dig into the much more enjoyable part of my weekend!

Right in the crossroads of I-89 & 91 and a quick swim away from NH, River Roost Brewery acts as a great welcome, or in my case goodbye, to the Green Mountain State.


The small 2 year-old brewery is almost exclusively that, a brewery. Basically every parcel of space in the facility is dedicated to the creation of beer, leaving a just small section in front for a simple yet very nice wood bar. There’s no seats and no full pours available either, with a limit of 2 sample pours per person for $2 each. It’s not a brewery you’re going to stay around long at, which is perfectly fine. Not every place needs to have board games and seats. Luckily, after an hour long drive across Vermont, there was still one very important amenity: a bathroom.


While the taproom isn’t the most exciting, the beer certainly makes up for it. With two of us getting 2 samples, we were able to taste 4 out of the 5 beers on tap and man, am I glad I could. Unfallen is a tasty Mexican hot chocolate style stout that is perhaps a little light on the spice, but I’m sure it’s plenty for those who don’t splash Frank’s Red Hot on everything like I do. After that, it was all deliciously juicy IPA’s with subtle distinctions. Mo’rilla IPA was strong in the citrus flavor with a bit of floral earthiness. Big Smooth, their 2nd anniversary DIPA had a sweet, grapefruity taste and lived up to its name by being oh so smooth. The Glimpse DIPA was my personal favorite, since it was might be one of the most tropically flavored beers I’ve ever had, it’s some amazingly good juice.


During the half hour we were there, we witnessed quite a few folks coming in for growler refills, and it’s easy to see why. This beer is stuff you want to take home, which is precisely what I did. Having some Glimpse around for the Super Bowl made the loss much easier.

While You’re In The Area:

(Yup, new addition to posts. A little extra for your brewery travels!)

Go across the parking lot for some great BBQ and real solid selection of craft beer at Big Fatty’s BBQ. I highly suggest the burnt ends.

River Roost Brewery is located at  230 S Main St. White River Junction, VT 05001 and @ http://www.riverroostbrewery.com/.


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