603 Brewery – Londonderry, NH

I’m back! It’s been a nice 2 month hiatus since I last dropped a brew guide, but it’s time to get back to what I do best; share an experience about the latest brewery I’ve stopped by, give you beer suggestions and make you wonder why someone with zero writing talent started a blog in the first place! Enjoy!

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve done previously, you know I’m a big fan of breaking up a long car ride with a nice brewery stop. After spending a long Thanksgiving weekend in NH with my family, I definitely needed it. I wanted to check out a slightly different area of NH (as opposed to the 95 corridor), so I went down 93 for once and stopped into 603 for a taste of the Granite State.


We arrived at the small industrial park housed brewery at around 2:30 o’clock on a Sunday. When you walk into the taproom, you’re right in the mix with the brewery; the bar and seating area are loomed over by the large row of fermenters. If I were to describe the feel of the place, it reminds me a lot of some of my favorite taprooms; not a lot of frills, just the right amount of seating to always be comfortable, board games to keep you entertained and friendly knowledgeable staff. For you pet lovers, there’s also both a brew dog and brew cat on staff. Really, there’s just something for everyone. It also helps that their beer game is top-notch.

Speaking of beer, 603 lets you enjoy a “placemat tour” of their products, giving you 5 samples of your choosing, a container of their spicy popcorn, and a pint glass. Frankly it was a no brainer purchase; there were 10 beers on tap and 2 of us. No use for FOMO when you have the perfect ratios.


With a full run of the wares, here’s your top three beers for your first stop in. Wood Devil DIPA gets the first nod in my book, hitting you with a whole bunch of tropical hop notes and a smooth finish to close it out, making for a real fine DIPA. For something on the slightly more crisp side, the White Peaks IPA is a nicely carbonated IPA that bites a bit more with a citrus hop body that still manages to finish clean. And since you had the appetizer and the main course, it must be time for dessert, so make sure to have the Coffee Cake Porter. The name tells you exactly what to expect, and it delivers it all excellently. Cinnamon, vanilla and coffee all hit your taste buds for a real treat of a beer that manages to not be overly heavy and sweet, good for repeated drinkability. You couldn’t stop me from taking some of it home if you tried.

Now you may wonder why I included the day and time of arrival earlier with little reasoning. I had listened to the first half of the Pats game on the drive, and had basically punted on being able to watch the game. It was the Dolphins anyway, so no big deal, they were going to kill them anyway. Luckily, and to my surprise, our friends at 603 have a TV! So fear not, you can take in the 1 o’clock game and still have some of their great beers on Sundays. (Yes, this very important bit of information deserved its own paragraph. You’re welcome.)

So go check out 603 Brewery and make sure you take the placemat tour! It’s the best $15 (if I remember correctly) you’ll spend that day, I promise.

603 Brewery can be found at 12 Liberty Dr #7, Londonderry, NH 03053 and at https://603brewery.com/

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