Tuckerman Brewing Co. – Conway, NH

Football is finally back, and as I’ll say every year, it couldn’t come back soon enough. Tonight we get to watch a 5th banner get raised and with almost 100% certainty watch the Chiefs bumble their way into a 10 point loss by throwing 3 yards at a time, while Brady goes off and hits 9 different receivers for 1,000 yard and a 10 TD’s. Damn, it feel good to be a Pats’ fan, doesn’t it?

In celebration, here’s a guide to one of my favorite breweries, Tuckerman Brewing!

In true middle class, south of Boston suburb dwelling fashion, summer vacation meant yearly trips to New Hampshire. As long as I’ve been alive I’ve spent a week of my summer, at minimum, up in the Conway area. With that knowledge in mind, I’m here to tell you something very important. If you’re in the sweet spot between being a kid and having kids of your own, there is NOTHING to do except nature stuff. Storyland isn’t anything like Disney; pretty sure if you go there in your late 20’s without kids, you get put on a list instantly. If you want to go out at night, expect to be done early, because by 10pm the area just shuts down. I thought I was doomed; relegated to hiking, swimming, and outlet mall shopping for all of eternity. I know, the horror! But a couple of years ago, I found hope only 5 minutes from where I stay. That hope came in the form of Tuckerman Brewing.

Just a quick jump off RT. 16 and a turn at the Ham Ice Arena brings you to the large and beautiful Tuckerman’s taproom.  Outside it looks like an average warehouse, but inside is a simple yet very well conceived taproom, filled with long picnic tables and a sprawling bar along with horse saddles and a barrel filled carriage to dress the place up.  The back wall of the bar is glass, giving you a full view of the whole brewery. There are board games, a cornhole set and a free play Pac-Man/Galaga cabinet. If my glowing description doesn’t tip you off, I’ll just say it; I’m a huge fan of the place.


As it turns out, the quality of the taproom also extends to their beer. They hit almost every standard style, and hit it well. My favorite is the Rockpile IPA, a slightly darker than usual IPA that drinks smooth, with a solid citrus hoppiness that plays nice and shares equal time with the malt, creating a fantastically balanced brew. It may not qualify as “session”, but I could certainly crush them all night. Their Fall Line harvest ale is a sweet and bready seasonal beer created with super fresh hops that aren’t overwhelming, but hang around enough to let you know they’re there. And the Headwall Alt brown ale has all the taste properties of a lightly toasted biscuit with hints of caramel to make for a real tasty brew.


Anyone that I’ve talked to that has been to Tuckerman has loved the place. Hell, I brought my cousin there last year, and this year she had her wedding rehearsal dinner there (which is when I took all these photo’s as well). I’d recommend it to anyone, so don’t miss it. Plus where else can you get this kind of flight?


Tuckerman Brewing Co. is located at 66 Hobbs St, Conway, NH 03818 and @ http://www.tuckermanbrewing.com/

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