Mayflower Brewing – Plymouth, MA

We’re back! A little vacation and I’m ready to give right into it. We even have a nice little back up of posting, so you’ll be getting a bunch of new posts coming up!

Quick note, I attended the Brew at the Zoo event at Roger Williams Park Zoo on Saturday and although it seemed to be quite oversold (far too long of lines at every table) it was an overall well done event with a lot of cool folks to chat with from a bunch of great breweries. I’d like for them to sell about 50-100 fewer tickets next go around though, so maybe I could spend some time checking out the animals instead of waiting for the next tasters.

Now let’s get down to business, let me tell you about Mayflower Brewing.

Now, I know I have a habit of poking fun at some of the towns in the area of where I grew up in these posts, so you may think Plymouth would fall into that category. I’ve spent more than a few nights downtown at lovely establishments like Sam Diego’s, T-Bones, and Main Street Sports Bar when me and my friends wanted to stumble around in a more visually appealing area than Brockton. So really, I don’t have a ton of bad things to say about the place. It’s provided me with many a good time, and I got to watch my science teacher get motion sickness on a whale watching field trip; I dare you to try and tell me that you wouldn’t have enjoyed that in 7th grade! The biggest problem I have with America’s Hometown is the dumb rock. I’m sure back in the day it was something, but I can almost skip it across the harbor at this point. Might be time to hang up the cleats on that one. Now that we have all the important history stuff out of the way, lets talk about the present, where Plymouth is becoming a nice little spot for good brew!


Pretty soon you’ll be able to visit four breweries in one town, with Second Wind opening, the recently opened Plymouth Beer Co., the popular homebrew supply and taproom at Independent Fermentations, and the first-born and subject of this post, Mayflower Brewing. Founded in 2007, I’m ashamed to say up until going in I couldn’t recall ever having one of their beers. I’m pretty happy to say that I’ve now seen the light, and it is good!

I may or may not be in this picture. Hope you enjoy my backside.

Earlier this year, Mayflower tore their taproom down and started new. They really did a great job with it. If your like me and a sucker for reclaimed wood, then this is your kind of place. Just take a look at that bar in the picture! It screams “former 1700’s schoolhouse”! And there’s more! Slideshow, hit it!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A pallet art display? A dart board? All kinds of bench seating? Yes this place has it all. And for you puppy lovers out there, it’s dog friendly! There’s really no reason not to go. It certainly helps that the beer is damn good too.

On this very rare occasion, I didn’t take a picture of the flight, which is five beers of your choice. Their EvoLupulin rotating DIPA series was a really tasty, slightly hazy brew with the limited finishing bitterness that I appreciate. The Case of the Mondays Honey Saison was as earthy as it was sweet, especially since they “accidentally added” strawberry and rhubarb puree. An excellent summer beer, for sure. The one we grabbed to bring home though was the Dutch Courage: Ebb & Flow gruit, brewed with gin botanicals. It’s one of the most uniquely delicious beers I’ve had in recent memory, it’s very floral and definitely has that gin-type of bite, but is still light and crushable. And while I know that it has nothing to do with the actual beer, the artwork for it is pretty great too!

Vacation beer at it’s finest.

Plymouth is always a good time and with all this beer coming out of there, it’ll soon be quite the brew destination; and that all began with this fantastic brewery. Go check them out!

Mayflower Brewing Company is located at 12 Resnik Rd # 3, Plymouth, MA 02360 and @

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