Bog Iron Brewing – Norton, MA

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And now, here’s a much overdue guide to my nearest brewery, Bog Iron Brewing…

In my never-ending quest to try all the breweries of New England, I’ve somehow managed to neglect the one that is closest to me and also, one of the best breweries south of Boston. Neglect may be the wrong choice of words; past visits have fallen into the Brew Guide patented “Crap, we forgot to take pictures again” category. Luckily, the lady came along this time and together were able to finally (and barely) pull it out. Woo teamwork!

First, if I may, let me give you a little bit about Norton; because a little bit is probably already too much. There’s nothing to it. The town in its entirety is just Wheaton College (a school where students go to do dumb stuff like learn) and all the traffic going in and out of the Xfinity Center next door. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bog Iron chose Norton to set up simply because they knew they could live like kings; finally giving the people something fun in town! It sure doesn’t hurt that they brew up some high quality beverages as well.

Don’t let looks fool you.

Located in what has the appearance of the converted garage your black sheep family member lives in is the Bog Iron taproom. You walk into the small-ish room that has a few tables and a small U-shaped bar top and immediately get a good townie bar vibe. Frankly, I love the hell out of it. There’s no frills (aside from a shiny gold ceiling) and no wifi. As someone who normally doesn’t enjoy “forced community”, it just feels right there. Damn them and their small town charm!


As a place that prides itself on making high quality versions of common beer styles, they nail that easily while still brewing up somefantastic specialty beers. They make one of my normal go-to’s for Thursday night trivia (the one other fun thing to do in Norton), the Burly Blonde ale, that’s light and deceptively drinkable considering it’s 7.5% ABV. The Lourd Belgian Tripel, a super smooth and sweet tripel that is more fruity than boozy and incredibly tasty. My favorite libation of there’s has to be the Viskey Sour, a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Berliner Weiss. It’s got an amazingly delicious blend of citrus fruit and bourbon oakiness that would be hard to find anywhere and is a must have if it’s available.

Someone thought the posters needed to be included as well….

Bog Iron sets a the bar for what a small town brewery should be. Next time you’re headed down 495 or maybe need some great beer for your next concert tailgate, be sure to pay them a visit!

Bog Iron Brewing can be found at 33 West Main Street Norton, MA 02766 and at

2 thoughts on “Bog Iron Brewing – Norton, MA

  1. Amazingly awesome review. I personally haven’t had the privilege of tasting any of the great NE brews you’ve written about but I entirely look forward w having the privilege of tasting some of these magnificent brews you’ve spoke so highly of. NE sounds to be the place to be when it comes to true craft. These articles just give me more inspiration to get up outta okie country and travel a bit of ways just to taste a sip or two of NE. Hahaa! Amazingly awesome. Stay ruthless my friend! Cheers! 🍻


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