Magic Hat Brewing Co. – S. Burlington, VT

With all the excitement about the “I Drink New England” Shirts being released yesterday and my first try at beer journalism (please check it out and let me know what you think), I forgot to talk about the We’re Funk’d festival on What’s Goin’ Down!

Night Shift and Springdale put together an awesome first year event with a lot of really fantastic sour and wild beers. The German BSV Center in Walpole was a nice venue with the perfect set up for such and event. Next year should be a must attend for anyone that enjoys a bit of Sour Patch tongue. Only critique, hopefully next year they can get a few more food options and a bunch more porta-potties.

Time to put a wrap on Vermont for the time being, with a stop into an old favorite of mine, Magic Hat Brewing Co.

Way, way back in the year 2006, yours truly turned 21. Up until that point, I didn’t have much of a choice as to the beer I drank since, you know, underage. So finally, I got to know about some options and shortly after came a liking for Magic Hat #9. I know that now, in the year 2017, Magic Hat no longer is considered “craft” by most measures. But it was one of the first ever craft beers I had tried, so it still has a small place in this guys liver. Being my first ever VT trip, I had to pay homage.

The well manicured grounds of BIG BEER.

Magic Hat’s Artifactory is very dark and metal, but not in the Slayer sense. You know that house in the neighborhood that has a bunch of old cars and other junk scattered around? Imagine that but way more organized and artistic; like for instance, a repurposed tub (I think it was a tub anyway) is used for merch.

Either a tub or a top down slab of a small aircraft.

It’s a pretty cool room with all kinds of odd decoration, kind of like if the Ringling Bros opened a dive bar. Otherwise, you have the usual metal high top tables, a building length bar and a store area.

Times have certainly changed for Magic Hat brew wise, as I only recognized 3 of the beers on the menu; obviously #9, and the Circus and Zircus Boy Hefeweizens. That left plenty to test out! I dug the Elder Betty, a mostly malt weiss that sneaks in a bit of hop and bit more berry taste at the end for a nice refreshing brew. The Single Chair golden ale is another primarily malt forward beer that is bready, sweet and tasty. It was a pleasant departure from all the hoppiness that I’ve been putting down recently. The biggest hit for me was Wee Heavy Champ, a really great Scotch ale that has some of the flavor of a malted milk ball along with a caramelly sweetness. It was the beer I was most excited to try on the menu, and it didn’t disappoint.

The lady was busy texting(up top)…so picture time!

I’m pretty happy that one of the places that started my craft journey can still put out good stuff. If you’re not one of those super strict craft beer snobs, go pay them a visit. It’s worth the stop for sure.

Magic Hat can be found at 5 Bartlett Bay Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403 and @

One thought on “Magic Hat Brewing Co. – S. Burlington, VT

  1. I remember having a good time there when I visited several years ago and was just getting into beer. Definitely was a pretty cool spot. Even though I don’t drink them that often, they have quietly put out some sneaky good brews the last few years and I’m intrigued by that wee heavy. Kind of curious to go back now just to see what I would think.


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