7th Settlement Brewery – Dover, NH

We’ve had a lot of Vermont recently, and we still have one more stop to go. But I think we need a little break from the Green Mountain State. So we head east to New Hampshire, where we took a stop into 7th Settlement Brewery on our way to North Conway for 4th of July weekend. Yea, I might be a little behind.

Oh well, let dive in!

I spend a lot of time traveling RT. 16 in NH during the summer on my way up to the North Conway area. While it’s normally a pleasant 3 hour drive, it does get a tad boring after a while. For this reason, I’ve taken to finding a stop or two along the way to relieve my desire to smash my face into the steering wheel. You’ve already read about a previous instance of this with Throwback Brewery, so here’s round two!

Fact: Old style door with cursive writing = top hat and monocle are mandatory.

In what should be known as the “Repurposed Mill Village” in Dover, 7th Settlement fills up a nice portion of the Cocheco Mill building. The room runs deep, split between a bar area with hightops in the front, dining area in the back. Lots of exposed brick and wood really pay homage to the buildings past usage.

There is also two really unique things that I really enjoyed. First, on one of the interior walls they painted an awesome beer style family tree diagram stemming from ales and lagers. I wish we could have taken a picture of it, but I thought the two ladies eating right where it was probably wouldn’t have appreciated it very much. No one looks good with stuffed chipmunk cheeks. Secondly, the fun thing about being in a building that straddles a flowing river is that the floor has a faint calming vibration to it. It’s like eating dinner in a Sharper Image chair, nice and relaxing!

And for the second day in a row, we have another place that not only brings it with the beer, but also has some fantastic food. We started out with some Brewer’s Style Tater Tots; large-sized tots with garlic oil, cheddar and herbs. Then for dinner I grabbed the Brewmasters Steak Sandwich with pub chips. The best way to describe the meal is holy hell. So damn delicious!

And the beer! 007 Golden Rye American Golden Ale is light and malty, an incredibly well done version of a style that usually tastes too familiar. Their Mr. Nice Guy Imperial IPA is high in the ABV but doesn’t hammer you with bitterness; you still have a very pleasant pine flavor blended with the sweetness of the citrus. Lastly, Stephen’s Crippling Anxiety Amber Ale is a caramelly, malty beer is mighty tasty and goes down oh so smooth. Even beyond those top three, all the beers across the flight were very well done.

I like my appetizers in liquid form.

7th Settlement has a really great motto, “Don’t buy your beer from strangers”. and they are right. I absolutely recommend you stop by and make yourself familiar.

7th Settlement Brewery is located at 47 Washington St, Dover, NH 03820 and @ http://www.7thsettlement.com/


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