Prohibition Pig Brewery – Waterbury, VT 

Happy Monday folks, we’ve got a whole bunch of awesome coming to you this week! We put a wrap on Vermont for a while with 2 more breweries, take a quick stop into NH (hopefully, I need to make sure proper photography was taken), and launch “What’s Goin’ Down This Week” in email form on Wednesday! (Sign Up Here!) Get in now on that now, got big news for the launch.

So much excitement, I know!

Let’s start it all off strong with Prohibition Pig!

Right out the gate, I’m going to let you know we did some extensive research on Prohibition Pig, with 2 stops into them in the 2 days we were there. Real meaning: We ate all the ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s right before our visit on day one, so naturally, we stopped again on the way home. Because BBQ, obviously. Not going to miss out on that. Unfortunately we did miss out on camera usage, so the struggle of photographic evidence continues!

The best country store ever.

Pro Pig exists in 2 buildings on the corner of S. Main St. & Elm in the small downtown area of Waterbury. The Main St. building (not pictured because stupidity) is the restaurant, which is where you go to get your BBQ on. I highly recommend you do just that. The brisket and chopped pork were both incredible, as was the poutine that we got as an app. You owe it to yourself to get them.

The Elm St. side (Actually pictured above. Go us for not totally dropping the ball!) is the brewery and taproom. We even got one picture of it inside!

You can get some really great service on weekdays thanks to most people being at work and all.

The brewery and taproom definitely give off a real pleasant country store vibe. Lots of real old wood features. You know what I mean, it’s the kind of old wood that even a fire would be forced to respect it for its age. A real charming feel overall, indeed. It was in this building that we got many a half pour and saw what Pro Pig was really cooking. And much like the food, it was excellent.

Favorites of ours were Daly Palmer, a solid cream ale that is definitely a summer BBQ beer. Like you’d expect by the name, it features lemon and tea flavor all with a nice biscuity malt base to it. Their Bantam DIPA stands strong among the other hazy New England style IPA’s. Lots of citrus and mango balance out the hops to make for a smooth and delicious beer. We had a taste of the Blueberry Cobbler Swine Coolepreviously at the Beer Advocate Microbrew Invitational, and it remains as one of our favorite after enjoying it at the brewery. It’s a mildly tart and well fruited beer with hints of brown sugar that only enhance the blueberry. We had to crowler some up, which we then enjoyed in celebration after a successful Tough Mudder.

Don’t let our lack of photography fool you, Prohibition Pig is a must stop spot. Go for the beer, and absolutely stay for the food.

Oh yea, and if you need even more beer, stop into Craft Beer Cellar right across the street from the brewery. Oddly, ran into the good folks from Exhibit “A” while we were there. Small world, right!

Prohibition Pig Brewery is located at 2 Elm St., Waterbury, VT 05676 and @

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