SoMe Brewing Co. – York, ME

Is there a beer style that consistently disappoints you? For awhile, I always felt that way about IPA’s. Early in to my craft beer “hobby”, every time I tried one, I felt like I was licking a pine cone. Since exploring further, I have since come to terms with the IPA, there are now a ton that I love. But now, I’m onto a new style. And I’m looking at you Pils.

I’ve tried quite a few pilsners recently and none of them have been anything I’d want again. Perhaps of my early 20’s with Miller Lite are coming back to haunt me, but I haven’t found one I’d return to. For instance, last night I got a Firestone Pivo, and nothing. Most people agree that Firestone makes great beer, yet…meh. I even wrote so on my Untappd page (you should totally give me a follow)! So this is why I ask 2 things. First what style can you just not get into, and second, is there any local pilsners you could recommend to break this weak streak I’ve had with them?

Now that I’ve aired my grievances, I’ve got one last guide for Maine as we took a stop into SoMe Brewing!

95 South is always awful after a holiday weekend. What would normally be a two and a half hour drive home was straight bumper to bumper and we needed a sanity break. Luckily the Google machine pointed us in the direction of SoMe, a brewery I’ve talked about before in a previous Flight Plan and had also had enjoyed the previous night at Nosh (along with some insane burgers) up in Portland.

People who work around beer sure drink a loooot of water. Might be something to that fad after all!

Essentially, the SoMe taproom is the rear end of a bank that is a rocks throw from RT. 1. Super convenient if their credit system goes down I bet. First thing I thought of when I walked in was that it looked more like a coffee house than a tap room. It’s small, low lit couple of rooms with all low tables. There’s a small set up for a band in the front corner to really hammer that vibe in. It’s a cool and cozy set up, complete with a nice selection of board games to keep you busy.

SoMe offers up a nice full ride flight, where you can get all 8 beers on tap. Always a big fan of that since then I’ll have no FOMO. So out of all the beers I’ve tried, here’s the big 3 rundown. I still remain a big fan of the Whoopie Pie stout, but since I had already tried that one I swapped it with a Coffee Nitro version that they were also pouring. Just as sweet and toasty as the original, but with more coffee flavor. Second pick is the Crystal Persuasion double pale ale. As I’ve been learning, if there is “double” in the title, I usually like it more, particularly with DIPA’s. This one follows that line of thought, where it’s definitely a hopped up Pale, but with a great malt balance and whole bunch of pineapple and citrus fruitiness. For my last and favorite, I’m going to cheat a little bit. The beer that I had at Nosh was my favorite, and that was the Pendulate sour ale. It has a good tart punch followed by a malty sweetness that ends with touches of whiskey booziness. Just an awesome sour.


Got to say, I’m really impressed with what I’ve had from SoMe Brewing so far. Give them a shot any chance you see them.

SoMe Brewing Co. is located at 1 York St Unit 3, York, ME 03909 and online at

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