Throwback Brewery – North Hampton, NH

After last weekend I can confirm first hand that if Beer Advocate throws an event, you should be there. The Microbrew Invitational was fantastic. There were tons of excellent brews from all over to sample. Made it real hard to pace yourself, which I may or may not have been successful doing so. Augustus Gloop showed more willpower when he saw the chocolate river than I could. Anywho, I posted quite a bit from there to my Instagram story. If you don’t follow me on there, what the hell are you waiting for? You’re just two clicks away from greatness!

It was also great to meet the fine gentleman from Mass Brew Bros. there. It was really nice to see how a blog that has any sense of being professional is run. Most of my readers know that opportunity left here awhile ago! Check them out, they are the best resource for all things in the Massachusetts brewery scene, including having the best brewery map of MA by far.

And finally…the BrewGuide…has come back…to New Hampshireeee! That’s right, I’m staying up north this week, starting with a guide from a Microbrew Invitational attendee I just so happened to visit the weekend before, Throwback Brewery!

Just a quick jump over the Mass border right off of RT. 1 is Throwback Brewery, a gastropub/ brewery set on Hobbs Farm in North Hampton. The farm makes for an aesthetically pleasing setting for what was an awesome spot for quality food and some really great beer.

Rain always ruins the best seating.

The set up for Throwback is kinda cool. You seat yourself community style (so you may need to make friends). Then, you peep the menu and fill out a slip with what you want and bring it up to the bar and they give you a bobblehead to mark your table. Finally they deliver you your beer and food at the table, and when you’re done you pay at the bar.


After ordering our flights and food at the bar, I escorted Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes back to the table. Shortly after, out came the 2 flights, with 4 beers in each. Before I get down to the top 3, I’ll just go ahead and state that I didn’t taste a bad beer here, which made the decision-making here tough. My absolute favorite was the Oh Snap! ginger molasses porter, that is stylistically malty but has an amazing blend of sweetness and zest thanks to the namesake ingredients. It’s so damn good. Next up was the Soggy Donkey Brett White IPA that ranks high in citrus fruit flavors and low in bitterness to make for an effortlessly crushable IPA. And finally, I’ll give the last nod to Cheek Squeezer sour blonde ale, a really good entry beer for those wanting to get into sours. It was just tart enough so it didn’t overwhelm and drank super easy thanks to the balance of sweetness and acidity from the cherry infusion.

Guest appearances by War Machine and my arms.

And while yes, this is a beer blog, I’ll also tell you the food was great too. We got the Three Onion Dip with house potato chips, I got the house made chorizo bowl and the lady got the house made porchetta sandwich. It was all incredible.

Stop by there for a couple of beers and a bite to eat, you absolutely will not regret it!

Throwback Brewery is located at 7 Hobbs Rd, North Hampton, NH 03862 and online at


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