Sons of Liberty Spirits – South Kingstown, RI

Howdy Folks! This week I want to open the floor to you savages. I’m heading to Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, most likely all by the end of this month. Since most of them are foreign territories (except NH and parts of CT), I’m looking for some suggestions as to what brewery I should be headed next. So comment on here, Facebook, Instagram or email me and give me a reason to visit!

So let’s wrap up the Kingston/Kingstown trip from last week with a stop into Sons of Liberty Spirits…because they have beer too!

Driving from Whalers to Proclamation a week ago, I got a pleasant surprise of noticing Sons of Liberty Spirits en route, but was bummed it didn’t look open. Luckily, I checked the old Google machine as we were leaving Proclamation to find out that it opened at 1, we just drove by too early. Stupid day drinking problems!

Pulling into the place, you don’t expect a lot; it’s just one of many stops in the Peacedale Mill Complex amongst a plumbing supply and a NAPA auto. Whiskey and blue-collar work, should be a no-brainer combo really. If the Kingstown/Kingston area breweries certainly have one thing in common, it’s really cool taprooms, and SOL might have the best out of all of them. It’s dark toned, all kinds of reclaimed wood accents and very spacious. There’s a huge bar, a bunch of different seating areas (with tables and leather couches), a pool table, cornhole, darts. It’s an awesome set up that can accommodate a group of any size. I’ll say this one more time, screw you residents of this area. So lucky.

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SOL started out just making damn good whiskeys, now it’s also a place that makes a damn solid brew too.

Bet I can pound all those vodka bottles in a day.

The Checks and Balances Belgian Dubbel was mighty tasty, with smooth maltiness and sweetness with a hint of alcohol. I had the Uprising Stout on nitro and barrel aged and they were both really good; with a nice roast, medium body and very drinkable. The barrel aged one just added a nice booziness too it. Speaking of booziness, the Barrel Aged Battle Cry Belgian Tripel Ale is a hard hitter, stretching the line between beer and spirit. The whiskey flavor is strong, but its also sweet and surprisingly smooth. I bought a bottle for later, and can recommend drinking it chilled and sipping it slower than usual, unless you want an early evening. The lady wasn’t in much of a beer mood so naturally I made her wait in the car (kidding!). Instead she got Jimmy’s Summer Spritz w/ cucumber mint vodka and a couple of juices. It was a excellent little beverage.

Drink complete with Gummi Bear hammock.

I can’t recommend doing the Kingstown/Kingston/Peacedale/whatever the hell the area is trip enough. Hit up this trifecta and have yourself one hell of a day.

Visit Sons Of Liberty Spirits at 1425 Kingstown Road South Kingstown, RI 02879 and at

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