Proclamation Ale Company – West Kingston, RI

Tonight’s the NFL draft and the Patriot’s currently have no picks until Saturday. We don’t have to really care about the draft at all for two days but I will say, the best part of the draft is watching that one presumed high 1st round draft pick slide into the 2nd. Especially if he went they are at the draft. Nothing is more sad/amusing to me than the sit through the whole first round, have to come back for a second day in a much emptier waiting room and after all that, have to play for the Jets. Looking at you Geno Smith. Now that’s drama worth watching!

After stuffing our faceholes full of donuts over at Whalers on Sunday, we decided to make a day of it and see what else was in the area (After all, donuts are always a nice way to set the foundation for some day drinking.). So, we took a nice 15 minute drive over to Proclamation to see what’s up over there.

When you pull up to the gate, you might be confused. Google told you there was beer here, but all you see is stones: fire pits, benches, and piles of loose rock. Don’t worry though! Once you pull off to the right, past the Flintstones set, you will spot the door in the picture below and you’ve made it.


Caution though, the small quarry along the entrance isn’t the only interesting thing about this place. Once you walk into the building and down the short hallway, you encounter this….


That’s right, the fort you built in the woods when you were 8 is now home to a taproom! The only things missing is the “no girls allowed” sign and a rain destroyed nudie mag. Or so you think…

Told you so.

It’s actually pretty impressive. They have a good amount of space in this pallet structure, along with plenty of room to place your beer. Lots of wood and steel make for a warm & pleasing taproom. I dug it a lot.

Ready for the top 3 beers now? Let’s do this! Stalk DIPA & Vape Robe Smoked Blonde are both super interesting beers. Stalk has waves of flavor going from fruit, herb, and grain. It all balances out well and makes for a really good DIPA. Vape Robe is certainly not for everyone. It’s nice and malty like you’d expect from it, but also hits you with the smoke and immediately makes you crave brisket or ribs. Perfect beer for a pig roast, but also damn good otherwise as well. My personal favorite was the Broze oatmeal milk stout, which was also blended with coffee for this variation. The roasted malt with the hints of chocolate and vanilla get souped-up with the additional coffee to make for an excellent stout.

You know the brewers love their craft when they wear other breweries gear.

My jealousy for the people of the Kingston/Kingstown (stop being confusing RI) area grew even more with this stop. So, be sure to stop by and be envious of them as well, unless of course you live there already. Then I hate you.

Proclamation Ale Company can be found at 141 Fairgrounds Road West Kingston, RI 02892 and

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