Whalers Brewing Company – South Kingstown, RI

During the work week, I’m really a pretty healthy guy. I stick to mostly a “Slow Carb” style diet popularized by Tim Ferriss, one of my two internet life coaches (Joe Rogan being the other). The reason I chose follow this diet was easy, it allows you to be an absolute pig for one day a week. It makes days like the Donuts and Drafts event I attended on Sunday not hurt my girlish figure as much! Gotta keep this temple tight!

And that’s where we start the week. Here’s what to expect from Whalers Brewing, minus the donuts, you missed that boat!

Normally, I like to start out these things out by taking a jab at the town or area of the brewery. Today, I’m at a loss. Driving through the area, it seemed like a genuinely nice small town place to live. Between that and the amount of breweries in close proximity, you all really got it made. Screw you guys.

Whalers has really got itself a great (and from what I hear new) set up in one of a grouping of mills in South Kingstown/Wakefield/Peacedale…whichever Google decides is correct at that moment. The big open room has everything: tons of seating, 2 pool tables, 2 cornhole set ups, giant jenga. With the sold out Donut and Drafts event, the place was banged out and everyone had a spot to hang. It’s really impressive!

The bar after all us fatties had our fill.


As for the beer, we got a full rundown of the 6 beers on tap along with a donut paired with each from Matos Bakery (solid donuts!). If you ever have the chance to, I highly recommend this course of action, even bring your own donuts if you have to. Makes drinking at 11 a.m. that much more acceptable. My first pick for the beers has by far the coolest name, Olneyville Megazord. A toasty brown ale with more hop then the average brown, but stays in check with the hint of chocolate. The Rise APA takes the second choice, with a light hop & citrusy flavor, a great summer beer for sure. My favorite was the Pleiades Weiss sour. It’s a medium tartness that’s balanced well with the wheat and blueberry flavor that makes for a real fantastic beer. For sure, 10/10 will crush again.

You really need to go down to Kingstown to see how lucky the people have it down there. If one brewery isn’t enough, I’ll be reviewing Proclamation Thursday AND a rare Friday review of Sons Of Liberty. A real embarrassment of riches. Bastards.

Whalers Brewing can be found at 1174 Kingstown Rd South Kingstown, RI 02879 and at http://www.whalersbrewing.com/

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