Dorchester Brewing Company – Dorchester, MA

I was starting up the laptop, fully prepared for a Game 3 of disappointment. It was already 3 – 0. I figured the game would make for background noise as I prepare my post for Tuesday. Then Acciari got the tip in. Then Backes makes the goal off Bobby Ryan’s complete fail to wrangle the puck. Then Pastrnak scores on the powerplay and here I am, finally typing during the second intermission.

Before the third starts, let me tell you about Dorchester Brewing!

Dorchester is a place that I never heard anything good about for most of my life, and because of that, spent extremely little time in. When I heard that there was a brewery and mentioned I was going to go check it out, a few people responded with “Make sure you lock your car up”. The balls on some of these people, especially those who grew up in Brockton. Maybe it just happens to be in a good spot, but Dorchester Brewing’s area isn’t bad at all. Only about 5 minutes off of 93, Dorchester brewing also might be the most easily accessible brewery in Boston which I’m a big fan of. That is why I returned once again on Easter, well that and they make great beer!

(At this point, it’s going into overtime in the Bruins game…c’mon guys!)

Going down Mass Ave., you spot a big steel malt silo, and that’s the X that marks the spot. Walking in, first thing you notice is the space. The wood, brick, steel and glass industrial look is done really well. There’s also plenty of room for us drinkers, between the two rooms inside and the patio outside, there’s plenty of spots to lay your beer or play one of the many board games they have with your friends. I know what your thinking, and the answer is yes. Any time a place has board games, you better believe I’ll mention it.

(Fuck, they lost. What a crap penalty call…..)

An hour before close is the perfect time to hit a bar.

Much like the building, the beers that DB co. brews are just as impressive. For my top 3, I’ll start with the V1 Double IPA, which is a good not-so-bitter IPA that still packs a nice hop punch. The new saison, Staple, is light, earthy and very crushable. It will be perfect for the summer. The Savin Stout on Nitro has got to be my favorite though; it’s an amazingly well crafted take on the Irish stout. Super smooth and malty. Huge fan of it, wish I had gone to DB co. more this winter since stout season is pretty much over.

This was my Easter basket.

Dorchester also has a bunch of guest taps at any given point, thanks to their “brewstitution”, or contract brewing for other places. Much like previous Brew Guide alum Two Roads, they share Evil Twin as one of their contracts but also feature names such as Omnipollo, Barrel House Z and Down the Road. It was terribly hard to keep my beers to the main company for this guide. I might have included the new Barrel House Z Jane Rae amber ale in my flight. There’s a good reason it won BHZ’s Lift Off homebrew competition, it’s fantastic.

Bottom line, Dorchester Brewing can and will meet all your taproom needs. I highly recommend you go check them out.

You can find Dorchester Brewing Co. at 1250 Massachusetts Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125 and at

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