Mystic Brewery – Chelsea, MA

Game 1 in the books, and the Bruins pulled out a win. It didn’t look pretty, especially with zero shots on goal in the 2nd, but the timely goals by Vatrano and Marchand in the 3rd gave the B’s the W. Most importantly, this kid McAvoy looks good! It’s his first game in the NHL and he played top pairing minutes without any real mistakes. Good to know losing Krug and Carlo indefinitely won’t be as big of a loss as it should be.

Hope you’re prepared for all kinds of fun Bruins commentary if they keep winning. Could be a quite a run!

Today we venture just north of Boston to Chelsea and hit up Mystic Brewing!

Chelsea really is the land of tanks. The majority of the drive from E. Boston (made a quick stop into Downeast for a growler fill) was spent passing all the oil, gas, and water vessels that litter the oceanfront. Luckily, there are a few tanks at the end of this industrial area that have contents worth mentioning in a beer blog. All you have to do is look find a big, nondescript, yellowish painted building in an area of big, nondescript, yellowish painted buildings. Shouldn’t be that hard, right? Once you find your way there (Hint: look for the sign on the sidewalk that says “Brewery”), find your way into the taproom through the big metal side door and you’re golden!

Pretty sure they borrow their door from Spooky World during the offseason.


And while the outside is about as basic as it gets, the taproom is quite the opposite. It blends a rustic feel of the reclaimed wood and stone faced bar with a few modern touches. It’s a pretty little set up and surprising to walk into since you don’t expect a lot from the outside. Depending on which side of the room you look at, there’s quite a contrast of these styles…it’s the best case of a split personality I’ve seen.


After taking our spot at the bar, we filled out a 4 beer flight card and got down to work. There were a good amount of beers available on tap, and I got to try almost all of them to get as much a feel for Mystic as I can and give you a terrific top 3. I’m pretty selfless like that. Their Aperture is a great witbier, very light and dry with very subtle spice to it. The sour ale, Luminous Ruins, is a fun little ride having a tart little bite up from but finishing nice and smooth. My favorite was the one that’s been around since the beginning (according to their website), the Saison Renaud. It’s complex in flavors, but everything is balanced incredibly well; spice, malt, yeast and hops all mesh together for a fantastically tasty farmhouse ale. Was very happy the bartender suggested it for a full pour after the flight was finished.

Could either be a flight list or the track listing for a U2 album.

Overall, there seem to be one thing in common with all the beer I tried, and that’s “crushability”. I’d have no problem housing a growler of any of them in a sitting, all so tasty and infinitely drinkable. Kudos to Mystic on a job well done. Get down there and taste them for yourself!

Mystic Brewing can be found at 174 Williams St., Chelsea, MA 02150 and at

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