Bucket Brewery – Pawtucket, RI

Love the news that was bouncing around that Marshawn Lynch has “privately discussed” joining the Patriots if any deal with the Raiders falls through. I don’t care that he’s been out for a year, he’d still be a harder runner than Blount and he hates talking to the media. Sounds like the perfect Patriots player to me. How great would it be to see him finally have a nice Superbowl winning 1 yard touchdown?

We’re splitting time this week in RI and MA. Off to the Bucket we go for round 1!

I’ve been told for a while that Pawtucket, RI is an up and coming area, but I’m pretty sure that’s only because there’s no further down than the bottom. The town of Triple – A baseball is also home for many vacant factories and warehouses, which has made it a nice little haven for breweries. As it turns out, large vacant buildings can house large steel tanks pretty well! We’ve already hit on one of trio in Pawtucket (Crooked Current),  so it’s about time we go on to the next.

I’ve never seen a better interpretation of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

In one of these re-purposed factories right off of RT. 1 is Bucket Brewery, a pretty good-sized facility that leaves nothing to the imagination; everything the brewery has to offer is right there when you walk in. There are two rows of tanks, one against the front wall and one in the middle of the row, with the middle row essentially dividing the building into a pleasure side and a business side. The tables run along the front, sandwiched between the tanks and ending with the bar. On the other side, there’s not just all the usual beer brewing equipment, but also a small kitchen area that you would most likely normally see in a studio apartment where a small menu offering can be prepared. Now usually, I’ll leave the bathrooms unmentioned, but I feel there should be a note for here. To get there, you need to walk down a to a shared hallway. Visually, the hallway feels like if I opened the wrong door a scene from Hostel may be going on. It really didn’t help that I heard a chainsaw once as well. Turned out, there’s a neighboring wood working shop (which I peeked into walking by). There is very little “frill” to Bucket, but there doesn’t need to be; they keep a good vibe, have one of the better board game selections I’ve seen, and make some damn good beverages.

I can always appreciate a bachelor pad drying rack & a flight that encompasses the whole tap list.

On both occasions I’ve stopped in I’ve gotten their flight of all six taps, and both times enjoyed everything they’ve had to offer. I remember enjoying the Million Dollar IPA, but that wasn’t on tap the last time we went and I like to keep the top 3 fresh! The Black Goat in The Woods milk stout is smooth and spicy with a nice medium body. If you enjoy yourself a mighty tasty sour, their Prudence and Patience is light, tart and very sessionable. Their Fireside sweet brown ale is fantastic. It’s got the toffee notes like a brown ale usually does but ramps them up a little with some molasses and throws in a bit of spice with the cinnamon and ginger. It’s full of flavor and goes down dangerously easy.

Best seat in the house.

Pawtucket is really a great place to spend a day if you enjoy craft beer,  just make sure to include the Bucket or you’d be making a huge mistake.

Bucket Brewery is located at 100 Carver Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 and at http://bucketbrewery.com/

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