Old Colony Brewing – Whitman, MA

This weekend marks the beginning of my favorite time of the year: obstacle race season! If you happened take a peek at my bio page, you may have noticed a couple of pictures of me jumping over fire and being generally muddy. Yea, I’m one of those “stupid” folks. I’m even part of a larger organization of people who are equally as crazy called the New England Spahtens. If you happen to race yourself, make sure to say hello! We’re generally very friendly if not slightly inappropriate. I’d also hate to prove the research wrong and start being lazy since Craft Beer Drinkers Are Healthier than Non-Craft.

Today we head to Whitman, MA (Where’s that? Exactly!) for Old Colony Brewing.

Two Notes: Warning, I grew up next to Whitman, so much like my trashing of Bridgewater, expect the worst. And I guess a couple of pictures never saved so I’ve got a whole 1. I suck and will add more once I visit again in the future.

In 6th and 7th grade, my lovely hometown of Brockton participated in the D.A.R.E. & lesser known G.R.E.A.T. programs. As a way to congratulate the students for “graduating” from the program, they had a party at the old Skatetown (now Carousel Family Fun Center) roller rink in Whitman, probably because unlike Brockton, Whitman lacks the drugs and gangs we were taught to resist.

As it turns out, Whitman also lacks something else, and that’s fun. It’s a town with almost nothing to do. At best, you can go to Peaceful Meadows ice cream (which is great) and deal with the ever present smell of cow shit. It’s as if the town saw people having a little enjoyment once and thought “Hmm, lets throw cow shit over there. That should tame those rowdy animals.”. The town in Footloose had more going on. But there is hope!

Placed at the end of a tan steel building on RT. 18, Old Colony is ready to provide some joy to the normally dull town. You walk into the surprisingly good-sized taproom fitted with many tables, a wall mounted bar top and the 12 – 15 seater bar. The rest of the set up is simple, with very small decorations scattered through the place and a few TV’s on the walls. I feel like TV’s are surprisingly under-utilized feature in a lot of the taprooms I’ve been to so far, so it was kinda nice to see.

The beers are a “greatest hits” of different styles, all done very well. For my usual top 3, I’ll start out with the Whitman Wheat, a sweet little Hefe that is light, flavorful and finishes with the true to form hint of banana. Their Money Line IPA is a NE style IPA that is characteristically hazy, juicy, and lacking of bitterness but also provides a flavor unlike others I’ve tried. It’s a very well done take on the growingly popular style. My favorite of the bunch was definitely the Snow Day porter, it hits all the right notes. It’s toasty, spicy and smooth without being heavy. A really excellent beer.

Because placing objects into dick shapes is always fun for pictures.

Old Colony does a very good job at making some tasty beverages. Go hit them up and enjoy yourself a little Whitman. To sweeten the deal, they currently have a kick-ass Groupon out there:

$23 for Two Pints, Two Take-Home Pint Glasses and Crowlers at Old Colony Brewing ($41 Value)

So really, what excuse do you have not to go?

Old Colony Brewing can be found at 605 Bedford St, Whitman, MA 02382 or at http://www.oldcolonybrew.com/

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