Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing – Framingham, MA

Welcome to the first of your newly scheduled “Tuesday Brewsday” guide! I promise that will be the last time I ever use that phrase, and yes I feel slightly douchey for doing it.

This switch to Tuesdays came at the perfect time, since Sunday night was Wrestlemania and was obviously too preoccupied to write. Now, I don’t what wrestling much anymore, those days left with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but I’ll watch the hell out of Mania. Last night’s show was pretty decent, with the Undertaker finally hanging them up by piling his dirty laundry in the middle of the ring and the Hardy Boys coming back as surprise entrants into the 4 way tag team ladder match, but man do I miss that Attitude era. Really need to bring back the blood and sexual situations that once made it great! It’s almost too watered down and predictable now.  We’ll probably never see an 80 year-old woman give birth to a rubber hand again, and that’s a damn shame.

Let’s continue our way around MA this week, with a stop into Exhibit ‘A’.

Framingham isn’t a place I know particularly all that well. The only time I was ever in that area was to either go to Natick Mall for a “change of scenery” pre-21 Friday evening or to go to Fun and Games. I know, I was the coolest teenager. Essentially, if it’s not near Route 9, I’m lost. So I threw my handy GPS on to find our way to Exhibit ‘A’, all while resisting the urge to play Ms. Pacman on Google Maps instead. Smart move by Google to make a game out of an app you use almost exclusively to drive.

The Brew mobile doesn’t qualify for VIP Orange Cone parking…yet.


The brewery is in a warehouse building situated in an area of mostly double-decker apartments right off RT-135. It is kind of out of place, but it certainly makes it easier to notice. You enter into the main taproom to a long high top to the right, bar directly to the left, and a couple more seating areas down a short hall to the left. It’s pretty low light, but I can dig it.

What a BrewGuide family outing will look like someday.


“I’ll have one of everything”
This area got much busier 15 minutes later.

Don’t let these pics fool you, people started to pile in. Their beer is legit, and obviously the people in the area know it. We happened to talk to two such groups, a running club that certainly knew their way around sexual innuendo and a trio of older women enjoying a little brewery tour of Framingham. Good people and good vibes, always appreciated. I should also mention that they have a game shelf, which is my favorite thing to see in a taproom after the beer. We got our Battleship and Uno on while we enjoyed the beverages.

Many a dick joke was overheard from this table five minutes earlier. Pleasure to meet those fine running folks.

The beer list was a bit limited at 4, but all of them were thoroughly enjoyable. Their Goody Two Shoes Kölsch is a very nice light, malty and dry ale. They make a rock solid porter with Briefcase, it has the perfect amount of malt toastiness. To make me eat my words once again, the IPA’s were my favorite. The Cat’s Meow is the least bitter of the two, with a more citrusy flavor overall. The Hair Raiser DIPA is just deliciously complex with the hoppiness, even if it is a the top of my bitterness threshold. I grabbed myself a nice four pack to enjoy at home on the way out.

The lady took this picture obviously, because flowers….


Exhibit ‘A’ is definitely a great option anytime you are in the MetroWest area. Be sure to stop in!

Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing is located @ 81 Morton Street Framingham, MA 01702 and at https://www.exhibit-a-brewing.com/

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