Grey Sail Brewing – Westerly, RI

Yay Monday! This week we move on up the map, out of Connecticut and into Rhode Island for a couple of great places for you to visit!

As a pleasant side effect of my recent quest to try all the brews, I’ve also been able to hit up a bunch of local eateries. This weekend was no exception. After dropping my family off at TF Green so they can go enjoy the fun and warmth of Florida without me (bastards), I traveled on over to PVDonuts to sample their 90’s inspired flavored donuts. We waited in line for about 40 minutes, by far the longest I’ve waited for breakfast food. I can say in all honesty they are absolutely worth the wait. I try parts of 6 different kinds: Cereal Milk, Rice Krispy Treat, Wildberry Pop Tart, Dunkaroos, Cosmic Brownie, and a special Irish Chocolate with Bailey’s. Every damn one was delicious, and if I know anything as well as beer, it’s donuts. So, get your ass over there.

With a full stomach ready to roll, lets dive into Grey Sail!

In the last possible spot before hitting Connecticut sits two buildings that make up Grey Sail  Brewing. First, there is the brick storefront which is where the brewery is and also where you go to buy growlers, cans or merch. When we first got there, there appeared to be a “Paint Night” event going on, and it was one of the painters who informed us that the real drinking is next door. Now looking next store, you wouldn’t think there would be a taproom. What you see is a big yellow colonial home that’s more reminiscent of Nana and Grampa’s house. But you know what you don’t see at Nana’s? A nice bar set up with delicious beer right in the front room! My Nana only had Old Milwaukee, so this was already a huge step up. Once you get your beer, you can go into any of the other 3 or 4 rooms to find a dining room table or living room chair to post up at.

Tap so shiny you can almost see my excited reflection!

Once you find a nice little spot for yourself, grab a deck of cards from the shelf of games to have some fun and get to enjoying the beer. The winter seasonal Leaning Chimney stout was great, with bits of dark chocolate and a light hopiness that give it a bit of a bite before finishing smooth. The Mary Ann’s ginger spice ale lives by its name by delivering a solid ginger spice flavor matched by a sweet vanilla flavor. It’s pretty amazing. The Flagship cream ale is refreshing with its subtly sweet maltiness. I’ll definitely be crushing a few of these when cookout season starts.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a bad pour on the stout. I just was too thirsty to wait for the picture.

I got to say, I loved the whole experience. The beer is all tasty and the layout is pretty unique. Go have some beer with some friends. You’ll be in for a good time.

Oh and if you happen to use the dartboard watch out. Someone was cutting onions or something over there and my eyes were feeling it. Definitely had nothing to do with losing to the lady.

You can find Grey Sail Brewing at 63 Canal St, Westerly, RI 02891 or at


A little before and after of the donut destruction. Please try not to lick your screen.

2 thoughts on “Grey Sail Brewing – Westerly, RI

  1. Don’t forget to try the Captain’s Daughter – a doozy of a DIPA! Entered the Instagram giveaway as @minicuisinier


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