Downeast Craft Cider – E. Boston, MA

Does anyone else miss football as much as me? I was out this Sunday in Cambridge at World of Beers (didn’t know it was a chain until I looked it up now)  and while we had a good time playing some board games, perusing the massive list of available beers (I went with Sip of Sunshine, as recommended on Friday’s Flight Plan) and eating brunch food, I couldn’t help but look at one of their many TV’s and wish it was literally any two NFL teams playing. Instead, all the TV’s had were college basketball (not much of a basketball fan), spring training baseball *yawn* and NASCAR, which is never fun. I’d take a Browns/Jaguars week 4 match-up over that any day. They should have a Bruins game every Sunday at 1 to give me something to still glance at between bites.

Anyway, prior to World of Beers we stopped in on the taproom I’ve been to the most, Downeast Cider. I’m going to let you know why you should frequent it often as well!

No longer a troll under the Tobin Bridge, Downeast has found a much larger home on the East Boston Seaport. On the outside, the building looks like the kind of place the Sons of Anarchy would store a load of guns, but instead it houses the best cider on the market. You walk in the big warehouse to a big open area with tanks and other equipment directly in front of you. You follow the short chained path to the taproom area, which is the bar, a few 4 top tables and a long table with flights set up for those endeavoring on the tour. Beyond that long table, just thousands of empty cans waiting to lose their cider virginity. Much like the cider, the layout is simple yet effective. Only thing missing is the board games they had in Charlestown. Oh, and a full pour license.

You can almost sense how eager these cans are to be filled.

Yes, currently they can’t serve full pours in their new location. I wouldn’t let that deter you too much. You can still get 3 oz. samples of any of the ciders as well as cases of cans and growler fills. You can also take one of their hourly tours, but I’d recommend booking them far in advance, as they tend to fill up fast. While your there, I recommend you try anything and everything, because you can. Their original cider is the best, the cranberry is amazing, and they haven’t made a bad seasonal, especially their current Maple one that is out for the spring. But the real reason you need to go to the taproom is the pilot batches! Downeast makes limited runs of taproom only specials, cider flavors such as blueberry, sour cherry, pineapple have been recent releases. They’ve also had a honey mead and a hard lemonade.

Word to the wise, don’t shake hands at Downeast. Especially mine.

Bottom line, everything they make is awesome. You owe it to your liver to treat yourself to them. And while your there, go check out KO Pies for some tasty Australian food, you’ll probably need it once Downeast gets full pours.

Downeast Cider is located at 256 Marginal St, Building 32  East Boston, MA 02128 and at

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