Union Station Brewery – Providence, RI

So, did you watch the Oscars? I didn’t! I heard the movie about being in movies won a bunch. Hollywood sure loves to pat itself on the back, eh? Good thing they took that important best movie one away from them in the most awkward way possible and gave it to the movie with Cottonmouth in it! In case you’re not a Marvel dork like me, Mahershala Ali plays the villain “Cottonmouth” in Luke Cage and that’s all I knew him from. I know, I’m super cultured. Deadpool was my favorite movie last year and not a single award! Sure everyone thought La La Land and Moonlight were the bees knees, but I hear both were severely lacking in the all important “dick joke” category. But you know what they say, different strokes…

OK, enough of the amazing Oscar commentary and onto the beer!

If you happened to park in the Exchange St. parking lot or accidentally fall down the flight of stairs after crossing Exchange Terr. from the Alex and Ani Center you might be able to find Union Station, as you can’t really see any part of it from a main street. Once you’re lucky enough to find your way there, you’ll be treated to a warm, brick and wood style brewpub. There’s plenty of space to sit at the long bar, a high top table, or the multi level dining room but you should never count on it being available. Although it’s not the easiest place to find, those who have come back pack the place out, and for good reason.

Aside from a great selection of food (of which I’ve never had a bad meal) they have quite the rotation of, according to their site, award-winning beers. As you may have gleaned from my Oscar takes, awards don’t mean much to me. Until I try it, every brew starts at zero. As always here are my top 3 from the current roster, with a quick honorable mention to their coffee stout which wasn’t on tap currently but is my usual favorite.

Now that’s a flight paddle you can spank with!

The Blueberry Ale is one of the best blueberry one out there; where many tend to be overly sweet, this beer balances the ale and blueberry flavors really well and finishes with a tart sweetness. Their Driving Miss Hazy IPA is an unfiltered New England IPA that true to character lacks the bitterness and has the tropical hints that you’d expect, but they do it exceedingly well. The beer that impressed me most, and the one you absolutely need to try is the Muy Caliente Stout. Not for those who don’t enjoy a little spice, this rich stout starts with a sweet cinnamon taste and ends with a lasting spicy finish. It’s not buffalo wing hot, but it’ll definitely tingle afterward. I know it may sound like it doesn’t work, but it does and it’s amazing.

Bottom line, go find Union Station next time you’re in Providence. Their beers and food are well worth it!

Union Station Brewery can be found at 36 Exchange Terrace, Providence, RI 02903 or at https://www.johnharvards.com/locations/providence-ri/

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