Cambridge Brewing Co. – Cambridge, MA

Sunday was really a day that ended up being a day where original brew plans failed. Luckily both times I was able to switch on the fly and everything worked out. The morning was spent dominating the ping-pong table at Revival, and at night I got to make a first time visit to Cambridge Brewing Company. Pro tip for all of you out there, don’t forget that if you have a Monday off, there are probably a lot of others that do too. And they are going to want to go out and drink as well. Maybe try to plan your night accordingly unlike certain beer bloggers.

Anywho, let’s get to it…

Situated in the corner of 1 Kendall Sq. is Cambridge Brewing Company, a nice sized brewpub. Immediately next to the brewpub is the whole brewery, which is visible to everyone via large glass windows. The brewpub is fully adorned with brick walls and wood features, as well as a wall mural of anyone Boston famous. It’s like Dustin Pedroia was watching me drink!

We sat in the dining area because the bar side was packed out, lots of people were out celebrating the births of two of our greatest presidents apparently. No worries though, the table provided maximum comfort for a nice flight. Unfortunately, there is only 2 choices for flights, and there is no choosing your own 4. It’s either the house flight or the brewmaster flight, so naturally we got both; my friend the house and I the brewmaster. Luckily, while he was busy ogling the girl the next table over I sampled his as well mine. Big thanks to her!

Don’t worry, the water was just a decoy.

After tasting all 8, plus a taste of something that was ordered at the table, a had a good top 3. The Blunderbuss Barleywine is deliciously malty, complex and slightly tart and a good departure from what you commonly find. The Punch You in the IPA is a great double Citra hopped IPA, giving you the subtle citrus but keeping the bitterness pretty low. But if you’re to Bring One Home the Bannatyne’s Scotch Ale is killer, a solid herbal and malt filled treat of a beverage.

And finally, for full disclosure, it was the second time eating nachos that day (just realized that as I was writing) and I’m certainly not mad about that decision, they were quite tasty. The rest of the food on the menu looked like it would be as well.

Bottom Line:

Cambridge Brewing Co. is a great place with a quality beer selection. No need to wait for other other plans to fall through, this place can be your first choice.

Cambridge Brewing Co. is located at 1 Kendall Square, Bldg 100 Cambridge, MA 02139 and at

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