Revival Brewing Co. – Cranston, RI

This weekend I got a little redemption. After a weekend were I was promised brunch foods and soundly disappointed, there was an itch to scratch. So when I found out my originally planned destination wasn’t open on Sundays, the executive decision was made to head down to Brutopia, home of Revival Brewing Co. in Cranston. Having come to Revival in the past, I knew eating at the restaurant was a must and luckily for us, they serve brunch on Sundays! You really don’t know how much you want brunch nachos until you are told there are brunch nachos. No disappointment with the food this Sunday!

But this is a beer blog, so onto why you’re really here!


Revival exists in the basement of Brutopia. Walking in, you start your choose your own adventure story for the day. If you’re hungry, you can stay upstairs and grab a bite and get any beer Revival has to offer OR you can walk through the glass door on the left, walk past the upper brewery area to the set of stairs and head down to the taproom.

This sign greeted me at the bottom of the stairs. It’s how I knew I was home.

The best way to describe the taproom is it’s that neighbor kids basement that everyone wanted to hang out in, but with a ton of beer fermenting around you in wood barrels and steel chambers. There’s the bar right at the bottom of the stairs, an old style tube big screen TV with a Gamecube hooked up on the left, to the back right there is a ping-pong table and a cornhole set in between. Seating and tables are dispersed in no particular way around the remaining free areas. Turns out I’m not good at Super Smash Bros., pretty good at Mario Kart and unstoppable in ping-pong. Beer also increased my skill level of each exponentially.

I actually call that lump in the Bone Up shirt my friend. At least he likes good beer.

Now between brunch and our tasting downstairs ($5 for 3 tastings), I sampled a good amount of the beers. Oddly, while everything is brewed by Revival, Brutopia has a selection all their own along with the normal Revival ones. Those exclusive to the restaurant I tried were the Dark Marvel Stout and the Valhalla Amber Ale. The Dark Marvel was good, with a nice amount of chocolate taste while the Valhalla was smooth with a mild hoppy finish. Fans of either style would enjoy these thoroughly. Once downstairs I split the samples with the lady to get maximum coverage. Out of all the ones I tried the three that stuck out were the Juliett Russian Imperial Stout, Night Swim’ah Belgian Wheat, and the White Electric Coffee Stout. The Juliett is a rich, thick stout that hits you with hops without being overly bitter. Swim’ah is your summer beer, sweet with orange and raspberry and just enough hop. My love for coffee stouts is strong, and the White Electric is excellent. Medium heaviness and perfect coffee balance. The White Electric is definitely my One to Take Home. Finally, also a big fan of the art used on the labels. Certainly differentiates them on the store shelves I’m sure. I’d trade them a much needed fourth Gamecube controller for one of their White Electric posters anytime.

Bottom Line:

Chill vibes and great beer, not much more you can ask for. Oh and occasionally, you can get brunch nachos upstairs…

I wish I could insert a Homer Simpson drooling sound effect for this…


*Additional Bonus*

Revival Brewing currently has an awesome Groupon available, just click the link and search for Revival. Anyone interested should absolutely take advantage of this, you won’t regret it!

Revival Brewing Co. is located at 505 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920 and at


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