Bone Up Brewing – Everett, MA

So…how about that game, eh? If you can say that you thought the Pats were going to win that game, I call bullshit. Just another astounding credit to the Patriots organization.

Now that the roller coaster of this past Super Bowl weekend is over, I finally have some time to pay homage to one of the breweries I frequent the most. It’s one that is fast gaining popularity, and rightfully so, Bone Up Brewing! So, let’s dig in…


Bone Up is located in the “Fermentation District” of Everett, MA, which is precisely how I stumbled upon them in the first place. A night starting out at the neighboring Night Shift ended by checking out the “other” place down the street.

From the outside, Bone Up doesn’t look like much. Housed in part of what looks to be an old storage facility, they took what was an empty canvas and turned it into a brewery and small taproom that takes up about a third of the building. The brewery is to the back, mostly obscured from the public view. This is probably for the best, I’m not sure I want to know what kind of black magic takes place to make their beer so good. The taproom has approximately 6 tables, 3  high tops and a long bar top for seating. It’s warm orange paint tone along with the numerous bare socket light fixtures give it the perfect amount of light to give off the dive-ish quality that my inner scumbag can really appreciate.

It’s not uncommon to come and find standing room only. Luckily, we came early because we’re drunks.

For being open less than a year, Bone Up has pumped out a good variety of beer. They really do make a greatest hits of brew; if you want it, they most likely have some variation of it. On their website they list 26 different beers they once had or is currently available, and thankfully I have tried the majority of them. Favorites of mine include:

Shut Up Kelly!, a fantastic porter that really bitch slaps other porters in the flavor department.

El Pulpo, an Imperial Stout with a chocolate orange twist. I tried it the weekend it was released, and it was delivered by the owner along with a piece of those “smack on the table to break” chocolate oranges. The flavor in the beer nailed the flavor of the chocolate.

Vye-Olent World, my first taste of a “Biere de Garde” style, it was light with a little more bite then your average pale, along with a little fruitiness. I dig it.

My Pick: Key Lime, a White Ale that somehow incorporates all the necessary flavors that you could find in a Key Lime Pie and put them in what is sure to be my go to summer beverage. You’d be hard up trying to find a beer like it elsewhere.

Bonus Points: 

Not only can you get a flight of any 4 beers of your choosing, but the 4 small tulip glasses will arrive to you in a muffin tin along with your choice of a snack (Cheez-its, FTW). There is a good variety of board games to choose from, as well as a Space Invaders cabinet and an awesome Metallica pinball machine. With Metallica in mind, the music throughout is usually in the metal or hard rock genres, which I’m all for. They have 32 and 64 oz. growlers which, along with the rest of their merch, has their great mustachioed skull logo.

Name a cooler craft beer logo…I’ll wait.


The best nitpick you could probably get, their popularity is gaining faster than the space can hold. Last year shortly after open, you could get in with little issue on a Friday. Now you may start encountering a line to get in.  Looking forward to the proposed expansion I’ve been hearing about, I hate going thirsty.

Bottom Line:

Bone Up just works, and it works exceedingly well. From the beers, the layout, the vibe, to the simple comedic genius of their slogan “Made From Ingredients”, I’m a big fan of what they do. I’m sure that you will be too.

Second Opinion

From D-Carps:

“El Pulpo is bomb, no bullshit.”

Bone Up Brewing Co. is located at 38 Norman Street in Everett, MA 02149 and at

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